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  1. Following on from a discussion on another forum , I thought I'd pose this one here . Here's my list for starters - 1) HAPPY DAYS - but who could play The Fonz and be as cool as Henry Winkler ? I suspect Ron Howard may be blocking this one ? 2) THE PRISONER - A brilliant programme from the sixties , and much of the political comment would still be valid today . The Welsh village of Portmerion where it was mostly shot is still much as it was ( even featuring a 'Prisoner' shop ) . 3) HAWAII 5-0 - would look good on the big screen . Could get Sammo Hung and Kelly Hu to be in it :-) 4) Captain Scarlet - somebody like Sean Bean to play the indestructible captain ? 5) Magnum PI What else ?
  2. Macbook clicking HD?

    Some hard discs can make a noise somewhat like this in normal use - just the sound of the heads stepping back and forth over the surface of the disc as it reads/writes . However , if you have been using your MacBook for a year and this has just started happening , then indeed you may have a fault developing . It is never a bad idea to back up your data ; the easiest way would be to just buy an external drive and copy your data over to it . You can get drives of various sizes connecting via USB or Firewire ( Firewire 800 is the fastest but costs a bit more than USB or Firewire 400 ) . As soon as you connect an external drive up to your MacBook , an icon will appear on your desktop . Just drag any files or folders you want to copy and drop them onto this icon - a window will open on the desktop indicating that copying is taking place and a bar graph will show the progress with the time required showing underneath . That's the simplest way if you just want to back up files or folders . You can also 'clone' your entire hard drive as a second bootable volume - there are commercial applications that will enable you to do this . Is your machine still under warranty ? If so , I would backup my precious data onto an external drive then take the machine back to the dealer to be checked out before the warranty expires : if the hard drive is faulty you should be able to get it replaced free of charge under the warranty , when you get the machine back you can then restore your data from the external drive . Good luck .
  3. Powerbook G4 , no audio

    They do turn up on eBay , at inflated prices as the guys breaking machines want every last penny of profit . I'm watching for a complete machine with knackered screen for a bargain price , and am in no great hurry .
  4. Powerbook G4 , no audio

    I really am not inclined to sell it - I like the 17" screen for photo processing , I wouldn't want to go back to a smaller screen - with the wide screen you can still have your pallettes and toolbars beside a good sized image . A machine as mint as mine would cost something like £500 - £800 fully working , more for one of the newer models with a faster processor ; I'd been watching the prices for a while before I bought this one for just over £300 . While I'd quite like to get the audio working , I'll just live with it as is if I don't find a cost effective fix .
  5. I recently bought a 17" PB G4 , 1Ghz with 1 gig RAM on eBay . The machine is a minter , completely unmarked and works perfectly , except for a lack of audio . The seller did point this out beforehand and I bought it hoping it would be easy to fix . The machine is primarily for photography , internet and email so audio is not vital but would be nice to have . I still have my previous PB G3 Pismo which works fine but the screen was getting dim in its old age and the 400 Mhz processor doesn't cut it anymore , hence the newer machine . I know the 1Ghz G4 isn't all that fast by today's standards , but I have a dual 2.5Ghz Powermac G5 at home ; this Powerbook does have a nice , bright 17" matte screen and it is fine where I have to process a few photographs at a job and burn a CD for an end user . When I got the PB , it had Leopard installed along with iLife 08 . My first course of action (after jiggling a pair of headphones in the jack socket to test for a fault there) was to do a complete erase and clean install (initially of Tiger) . Since there was still no audio with Tiger , I then put Leopard back on . At some point , I tried resetting the PRAM , this did not seem to make any difference , but again somewhere along the line I pressed the power button when already holding down CTRL , OPT , P , R and got both the startup chime plus the second chime - this is the most audio I've had from the machine . Being unsure of the RAM , even though the system profiler showed it as 'OK' , I tried each piece separately and in each slot - still no audio . I also tried resetting the PMU - Shift , CTRL , OPT , PR without any luck . I'll most likely replace the RAM with 2x 1Gig sticks before long as I tend to max out RAM in all my machines . I should also state that I had been through system preferences and checked all the settings in the Sound pane , also audio MIDI setup :- everything seems to be as it should be , when the volume buttons at the top of the keyboard are pressed , the dots on the screen go up and down ; it all looks right but nothing is heard . The only sound from the loudspeakers is a 'thump' when the unit is powered on , after that - silence . A visit to the 'Mac Genius' bar at the Glasgow Apple Store , just came up with the opinion that it would need a new Logic Board and the board would be 'around £500' , plus the repair charge . Since that was considerably more than I paid for the machine and more than the problem is worth to me , I left it at that . I looked on the internet for disassembly instructions - I had expected the unit to be horrendous to pull apart because it is so compact - and was pleasantly surprised to find it is really easy to work on . I was also pleasantly surprised to find there is a separate audio board . The whole unit looked like it had never been disturbed previously , but I unplugged the ribbon cable linking the main logic board to the audio board , checking for damage to the contacts at each end then replaced it , making sure it was properly seated at both ends . Being no further forward , but still having a machine that is fine in every other aspect , I went on to update to 10.5.1 and installed all my software . I've been using it for 2 or 3 weeks now without any other problems arising : it runs Lightroom and CS3 just fine . The Superdrive is pretty slow to burn DVD's , only wanting to burn at 1x speed (I use Toast 8 Titanium) although CD's don't take so long . There are newer and faster optical drives available so I might upgrade if I find this a pain . I started a topic over on the Apple discussion forums re this problem , and OVER THERE A NUMBER OF PEOPLE HAVE REPLIED THAT THEY HAVE EXPERIENCED THIS EXACT SAME PROBLEM AFTER INSTALLING A RECENT SECURITY UPDATE onto various Powerbook G4 computers . For some people , resetting PRAM has worked after several attempts , for others like me nothing has worked . For all I know , my machine may have had this security update installed before I got it - I have no way of knowing - I bought it with this fault , got it fairly cheap and have no comeback against the seller . The two most likely scenarios I can think of are either a hardware fault ( logic board or audio board ) or the firmware has become corrupted somehow . I was looking to see if there's a way to download and restore the original firmware , but haven't found anything so far . I did find THIS website , which is a big plus , this is one of the best Mac forums I have found so far Does anyone here know if there's a way to do a firmware restore ? I'm keeping a lookout for a spares machine going cheap , maybe one with a damaged/broken screen , so that I can get a logic board/audio board out of it ; that seems my best option . Does anyone here know if I can fit a logic board from one of the faster 17" G4 Powerbooks ? I suppose it depends mainly on the port layout being the same so that it fits my case ? Unless I hear otherwise that someone has successfully fitted one , I'll look for an exact replacement . Has anyone else on here had this problem ? More importantly , has anyone found a solution ??
  6. Incandescent Light Bulb Being Phased Out

    Like so many others , I thought energy saving lamps were a great idea when they first came out and started replacing my incandescent lamps with them as and when they failed - I now have mostly energy saving lamps throughout the house , but with a few exceptions . As I gradually replaced the lamps in my living room with energy savers , I began to find that I was finding it difficult to operate my TV set , Hi-Fi system and any other items that were operated via infra-red remote control . At first I suspected batteries , but found that replacing those made no difference ; I had also noticed that the receiver for an i/r remote extender I have sitting on top of the TV often had its tell-tale LED illuminated (indicating that it was picking up a signal of some sort) but I had not thought logically about all of this . It all came to a head when I found that I could no longer control my Hi-Fi/AV equipment despite standing right in front of it with fresh batteries in the remote control (my equipment is housed in two full height racks in a rear corner of my living room with i/r repeaters placed in front of each piece of equipment , and I had suspected a problem with this repeater system) . NOTHING was working via infra-red and the receiver lamp was glowing strongly . On going over to investigate it , I noticed that the LED dimmed when I walked in front of the receiver and went out when I cupped my hand over the window : something was interfering with it ! I then went round the room turning things off to find the culprit .... You guessed it - energy saving lamps have an output in the infra-red part of the spectrum which interferes with remote controls . As soon as these lamps were replaced with incandescents all my remote controls started working again : now I don't have any energy savers anywhere near i/r controlled equipment . A while after I discovered this I happened to telephone my mother , who is quite elderly , and found that she was shouting and she could barely hear me above the sound of her television ; it turned out that she was having trouble using the remote control and when I asked if she had an energy saver nearby , she told me she had just fitted one in the table lamp beside her seat . When I told her to turn the lamp off , hey presto ! , the remote immediately worked !! So , much as I'm all for saving the planet , sorry folks , but if these lamps stop my remotes from working then I for one am giving them a miss .