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    Mac OSX Mountain Lion on Lenovo x61

    I didn't really understand could you tell me how to install caise i am extremely new to hackintosh.
  2. M​A​C OSX Mountain Lion on a Lenovo x61 Hello everyone this is my first post on this forums so I hope I will recieve help. I have a Lenovo x61. My specs are:- Intel 965 Express Chipset 4Gb DDR2 Ram 250 GB HDD Hard Drive Windows 10 Enterprise ---------------------------------------------- I want to install Mac OSX Mountain Lion with sound and WiFi on my laptop. I know Mac OSX Mountain Lion cannot be installed on Intel 965 Express chipset but I read an article on the internet that says that I can install with the help of MLPF hack. So can you please help me to install Mac OSX Mountain Lion. ---------------------------------------------- Thank you
  3. Haris Usmani

    Introduce yourself.

    My name is Haris and i love to make Hackintosh on my Lenovo x61