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  1. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Received my cable yesterday. Works beautifully, and very well made. Thanks again BlackCH!
  2. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    I'd like to order one if possible, I'm in Australia. Thanks!
  3. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    Are you still making these cables, and how much would they cost shipped to Australia 3165?
  4. Custom made rear i/o G5

    Depending on the cost, I'll put down for one as well. Looking great!
  5. ApplePCIIDE.kext

    Is it possible to get a version for 10.4.11? I want to install it on a Power Mac G4, but I'm running a MacBook Air with 10.6 as my primary machine, so I can't build a 10.4 PowerPC distribution.
  6. Setting Up a VPN Server

    Google 'iVPN'. Allows you to use the 'hidden' VPN server in Mac OS X 10.5 Client. Yes, the Client version does have the VPN server built-in, although there is no way to configure it without iVPN (no Server Preferences pane). Hope this helps, -CaptHowie.
  7. One question for bmxer55, I see that you've located your mobo at the rear of the case. How have you lined up the ports at the back? I know somewhere in this thread someone (i think it was torque86) was talking about receptacles, but I would'nt have a clue how to wire them up to the mobo. howie
  8. Not looking for Xeons I'd be crazy to at my age. I'm 16 in a week or two for anyone's information, and i've built several computers. I'm looking to base my Hac Pro on a Core 2 Quad Q6600 as they seem to be good value for the price, and have the ability of being overclocked. I've already got a MacBook Pro and PowerMac G4 but the G4 is getting a bit slow, and I use my MacBook Pro as my primary computer, but the ability of having a desktop at home is good, especially when you can store all the files on the Hac Pro at home, take the MacBook Pro with you and access the files away from home, e.g. using a EVDO modem. I've already got the G5 case and all I am looking for now is a good motherboard. At the moment I am looking for a ATX mobo, but mATX is also fine. I do not want to cut the case in anyway, although nervouschimp's PSU mod looks tempting. Anyway, thanks in advance. howie P.S. I was only suggesting Xeons on the Operon-based computer nervouschimp posted...
  9. Yeah, looking for something cheaper. I'm only 15 Thanks anyway. howie
  10. Hey Everyone, Just wondering whether this board works well with OSX86. It's a new board, just released that uses the new Intel P45 chipset. Has anyone had any experience with this board yet, as i'm looking to use it in a G5 case mod with a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600. Just need to know if there are any problems/compatibility issues with it. howie
  11. Can anyone recommend a good ATX (or mATX) motherboard that works near 100% (or 100%)? Looking to find one for my G5 mod. howie
  12. Use eBay in Italy. Another site worth looking at is craigslist. Those two sites should help you find something locally, instead of shipping one from the states. If you can't find one straight a way, wait a while until something comes up, either on those sites or on the forums here. Also worth checking is the AquaMac forums (google it). A lot of cases on sale in europe can be found there, though most of them are from the UK or Switzerland, but who knows, you might find something locally! howie
  13. Soz, just not an AMD guy. Also didn't know he was building it on a budget... nice job though, neat and tidy and by the look of it, mighty silent, especially with that huge heatsink at the back. howie
  14. Nice, but Xeons are better... howie
  15. Need A G5 Case!

    eBay is good for G5 cases. I'm in Australia and I recently got a hold of a G5 case off eBay. Top condition and it had all the cables, fans, holders and grills still! Great buy. Good luck in finding a bargain. Another site it might be worth looking at is craigslist, as your in the states. Thanks, howie