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  1. CPU temperature in iStat

    Tsk, tsk. Arent you the guy that always and everywhere nag ppl to get the sourcecode from them? So come on, its your shot then, show us what you did. Anyways, Mr. 'i-nag-ppl-to-get-their-code-because-i-cant-do-anything-myself', your stories are .... Proof it or ....
  2. XPC bootloader

    This is _not_ an public build, it is an GUI-Tryout Version. If it goes public, you will be informed at xpc thread on projectosx.com forums.
  3. Well, not for all. At least the MacMini-CPU don't support Em64T. There may be a few more (iMacs?).
  4. Chameleon with SMBIOS patching

    Yeah, just do it, like i said before!
  5. Chameleon with SMBIOS patching

    LOL, yeah, as like your an main developer on UEFI project? And as an OSS expert you need to upset ppl by PM trying to force them to stop development? Nice try, better luck next time.
  6. Neuer UEFI-basierter OSX-Booter

    Ok, ich antworte auf deutsch :pirate2:
  7. Neuer UEFI-basierter OSX-Booter

    [ Edit: Bitte den Thread im 'New Releases...' Forum nutzen. Danke! ] [ a1k0n: Oha, sorry. Ich wollte die Ruhe hier nicht stören :/ ]
  8. First of all, the problem were known (on Linux) long before Kabyl came out with it on InsanelyMac. So no one of you 'found it', some other guys did. Someone found an way to fix the DSDT. Kabyl did the whole research for the Mulitcore-BIOS-Mods-Fix and made it public on this forum. I posted an simple guide to help out ppl doing BIOS mods on their own. OriginalMACNUT will mod BIOS Roms based on other ppls work. So OriginalMACNUT, you should not post in such big letters.
  9. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Sure it is an 'patch-a-boo approach of hackintosh'. If it were not, it would be an Mac. Several gigabytes of static RAM? Very powerful CPU? Just to emulate an EFI and execute boot.efi? Tsk,tsk,tsk.
  10. EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    Bad enough that ppl try to buy such an mysterious device from an much more mysterious 'company' ,adralkazu Doubtful_things going on...
  11. Indeed, the problem is that he needs an BIOS (DSDT) -Mod. So....
  12. Yes, but nobody wont this. Dont matter for the DVD Kalyway _10.5.2_ ?
  13. You need an BIOS-Mod for your MB. I did one for an P35AX-S sometime ago. You can try to mod the BIOS yourself or just try to find an already modded one for d/ling.
  14. R.I.P Prawker

    OMG, only 17 years R.I.P Prawker.
  15. Dual ATI Radeon 4870's in CrossFire

    Seems it won't work...yet http://netkas.org/?p=69