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  1. Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 Leopard

    So does everything work accordingly? like sound network, shutting down, sleep etc etc etc..without any hitches.
  2. Powermac G4 Questions

    You gotta think of the intel switch as a REVENGE with windows for STEALING the GUI of mac ages ago.. reason why mac did not dominate after windows stole the GUI, was because the PC (IBM Clones) had a lot more software than the mac did... and macs were $1000 more than PC at that time! Mac sales went down nearly bankrupt So NOW that apple has switched over to the same platform as Windows, hopefully people would realise that the mac is a better platform and all and start writing and use mac more! plus you can run windows on mac....(obviously!) Its a very long term scheme I say..Just you wait and see!!
  3. Powermac G4 Questions

    yea I would agree with GTR-33...I even remember that there was an apple keynote explaining the "Mhz myth" where an apple engineer explained why the powerpc chip was more advance than a pentium chip at that time! Here's a youtube link, refering to what I and GTR-33 are talking about. http://youtube.com/watch?v=r5XJFjPYPVw HOWEVER THAT SAID...I don't really know whats the current situation with the comparison of the G4 and Due Core....... To behonest I was thinking of buying like a Bad Axe 2 and all other bits and bobs to build myself a Hackintosh, its a fun project, but being a student and with not a hell alot of cash to play around with I think purchasing an old mac would probably be the best option in my opinion. Cause think about this, EVERY TIME when Apple releases an OSX update you would have to get a new motherboard and Cross your fingers and hope it works and then you would have to play around to see whats not working, and then go out spend more money on parts to make it work. Like for example alot of the boards don't have the ethernet working and to make it work 1.) Either Patch it OR 2.) Buy a PCI Ehternet card that does work!.....Which you would probably end up spending Same amount if not more than fixing a good old mac! Now G4 are very very cheap considering they were $1000+ you can probably grab a "Sawtooth" bargin for $80-150 on ebay...and then upgrade the damn thing with a PowerLogix or NewerTechnogy Dual 1.8Ghz ($629 from OWC) plus a Nvidia 7800 AGP Graphics card ($50-70 on ebay)...it would probably last another 2-3 years. WITHOUT THE HASSLE of a HACKINTOSH not working or some flaws of sound, ethernet, switch off not working....you NAME IT. You get a MAC that does work... You could argue saying well with that much money you could have spent it on a mac mini.. AND YES YOU COULD but again the graphics on the mini has been critisied for being rather poor for video editing and gaming...soo....its really up to you. Oh and just to let you have a look at what the G4 is still capable of go on the link below! In the end why the hell would you guys need a Quad Core anyways...come on its a waste of money if you don't do SUPER GRAPHICAL RENDERING like the people in PIXAR ALWAYS DO...and in the Current Standards the G4 is plentiful for say Leopard and one or two releases to come! And when they do come out ...just upgrade your CPU again!.

    Well...then its not 100% functional then! Stop misleading people into the thinking it works, even if it doesn't. ....
  5. Full Install Guide GA P35-DS3P

    Hey I was wondering if you could experiment typing: sudo halt, sudo reboot in the terminal and see if that works better than clicking the apple menu to shutdown! Let me know how it goes! Cheers
  6. Full Install Guide GA P35-DS3P

    Did you meet any glitches or flaws like not sleeping, restarting, shutting down the system, network problems? Thanks Chris