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  1. I don't have audio. I'm using dual 1080ti in SLI config. I'm using an active displayport -> hdmi adapter ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00EDT0072 ) as my monitor/TV only has HDMI inputs. In windows, I have audio, but when I boot into mac I don't have audio. System Report always says my display is connected via 'DVI or HDMI', even though it's technically a displayport. Any ideas?
  2. Since 30.106 back in April of last year, I'm getting weird artifacts in Chrome and some other apps. Seems to be a buffer issue of some kind. Text is hidden. The screen doesn't update when scrolling or loading. Text disappears when moused over. That sort of thing. Does not happen in Safari, so I've been using Safari as a workaround. Hardware wise, I'm running dual 1080 Tis in an SLI config with my iGPU disabled in the bios. Software wise, I'm running 10.13.6 with 387. I just updated for the first time in a while and noticed it's still happening, so I thought I would report it here.
  3. UPDATE: in 30.106 I still get system crashes in FCPX (forced reboot) *if* I have my 6700k's iGPU enabled in the BIOS. If I disable it in the BIOS, it seems the graphical render artifacts in FCPX are gone, the crashes are gone (at least in the first 10 minutes of testing), and the stutter when playing back 2.5k video is gone. This is great! This system appears to be usable again for me. Again, I'm running dual 1080 Ti cards in an SLI config. This is a huge improvement from what I was seeing in 30.103. Thanks, nvidia devs! UPDATE2: I am still seeing graphical artifacts in the timeline in FCPX. My playback indicator (vertical red line) shows up multiple times as it scrubs along the timeline. It's failing to erase itself. Also, highlighting a clip is unreliable. Part or none of the clip will be highlighted in yellow when I click on it. However, these are relatively minor issues and I can work around them.
  4. Someone needs to update the OP. We're up to 387. but it's still listing 30.103.
  5. I had been running with my IGPU disabled for years, but when I upgraded to high sierra a few days ago the web driver was unusable in FCPX with my IGPU disabled. Playback constantly stuttered.
  6. On 10.13.4 with 387. I enabled my 6700k's HD 530 iGPU in addition to my dual SLI 1080 Tis. I'm seeing "green snow" on all rendered output in FCPX. The videos play fine if I delete the render files, but all exports are trashed. Also, I can't fullscreen 4k video playback in FCPX for some reason without stutter. It plays fine in a window.
  7. I'm noticing artifacts in rendered video using the latest nvidia web driver and the latest High Sierra under FCPX. I had to enable my 6700k CPU's iGPU to get decent scrubbing performance in this version of FCPX, which is something I didn't have to do in previous versions. Scrubbing is great, but background renders and exports generate videos with vertical and horizontal grey and green blocks of noise across the frame. Clearing the event generated files fixes the background render until FCPX renders everything again, at which point the bars just appear in different places in the video. I'm rendering a 4k video on my 2013 Macbook Pro tonight because this issue has made my FCPX setup on my hackintosh useless for exports. :-/
  8. I wouldn't call it lag, but with my 1080 Ti and 387. the WebGL water demo doesn't even move: http://madebyevan.com/webgl-water/ Less than 1 FPS. Not sure if I need to enable hardware acceleration somewhere or what.
  9. So the issue is that the nvidia web driver is built for real Mac SMBIOSes and my motherboard's SMBIOS is feeding the driver bad information which causes the black screen?
  10. SIP was enabled. I saw "System Integrity Protection status: enabled." I did *not* disable it. Instead, I just installed Lilu.kext and nVidiaGraphicsFixup.kext and rebooted. The system came up fine using the nvidia web drivers this time. Why are these two kexts necessary? Why isn't nvidia just fixing their driver?
  11. Just upgraded from Sierra to High Sierra 10.13.4. Installed 387. Monitor isn't getting a signal on boot. nv_disable=1 allows me to boot into the system. Is this the SIP problem? I'm reading articles saying this was fixed by nvidia and articles saying it is not.
  12. My 1080 Ti is working with 10.12.6, but HDMI audio isn't working, unfortunately. I've run the toleda script and it says it is enabled, but it still doesn't work. Used to work fine on my old 980 ti. Using a DisplayPort -> HDMI adapter on the 3rd port of the card I can get HDMI audio working, but I lose 4k resolution (forces 1080p). Very odd. So my choices are 4k or audio. Can't have both.
  13. My 1080 Ti is working with 10.12.5, but HDMI audio isn't working, unfortunately.
  14. Is there a Bug submissions system where I can submit issues?
  15. Great! I see that it's targeted toward the new OSX version. Is there a changelog?
  16. Have you tried transitions? Fails in 10.11.2 using 346.03.04f02: