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  1. On 10.14, USB-C gives me display output, but will not connect to USB. I did notice that when the dongle is plugged in, System Information shows that there is a USB 3.1 bus, but nothing is on it. If anybody has any tips or can point me in the right direction, that would be nice!
  2. On 10.14, I noticed that my thunderbolt connector did not detect any of my USBs via dongle (which worked on a real MBP). I didn't notice until now as I was using the port for DP output (which it did fine), but I haven't got to test this in high sierra. If anyone knows a solution or a reason why, I would be really grateful!
  3. I modified the Dynamic Wallpaper so it could cycle throughout the day, no matter what mode are you (dark or light). Drive. Just put it in you Pictures Folder and select it as your wallpaper.
  4. After a while of using Mojave, my system froze up on me and I had to force shut down. By doing this, I must have done something to the BIOS as it stopped detecting my SSD. For anyone who somehow gets this problem, to do the same mistake as I did and wipe, but just restore the BIOS to factory defaults.
  5. For me, I already had working backlight control, and wake from sleep worked (the screen would be black, but a click on the trackpad turned the screen back on). I have no idea about headphones, I don't own any wired earbuds or headphones (I live with bluetooth), but maybe you can try the KNNspeed audio patch that's included in the github: Audio. I'm no hackintosh expert, but I hope the best of luck for you!
  6. I created a new USB, but it should be fine updating straight from 10.13 if you use the provided Clover (unless you are using HFS+, it may convert to APFS and break the FS).
  7. autinm

    London macOS

    The setup should be fine, but will not work for Mojave (nvidia drivers haven't released yet). High sierra (10.13) should be good, as that has native NVME support.
  8. I'm getting pretty decent battery life from around 5-6 hours of SOT (4 if the workload is a bit heavy), and I don't seem to have any power management issues. I've been using the computer with my monitor and charger for most of the time, but from the time away from the charger everything seems good! My Clover folder (without themes) should be attached below. CLOVER.zip
  9. I tried installing Mojave on my 4k 9550, and I can confirm that as of now, everything works! I updated CoreDisplayFixup, Lilu, AppleALC, IntelGraphicsFixup, apfs.efi, and clover. AppleALC needs to be compiled by you, as the current release does not support Mojave but the source code does (and you may have to do the same for Lilu, I forgot). You also have to boot with -lilubetaall. Apart from that, the procedures are the same as 10.13, and the install even survives through updates (updating from DP1 to DP2 was perfect). If anybody wants me to upload my EFI, I would be more than glad to.