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  1. I just found some more information pointing the obvious answer of "YES"... there are some notable people in the community who have some very deafening evidence that Censorship is happening! - And for not justifiable cause!!!! So this I guess will be my good-bye post. I will not take part in a community that censors the people - its bad enough that I live in one! To the InsanelyMac Stewards - i hope your business does well... but since I am now a "Customer" of yours.... I just want you to know that we should be treated better. Business should never try to silence the people... its bad business! Cheers!
  2. I have a very direct and rather crucial question to ask. Are the mods and admins of this site censoring threads?
  3. How i pray to you... whoever you might be... the kind one in my heart and soul who beats upon my favourite subject matter to bring out hastened goodness that would never otherwise be. Now that ?TV has been released... i so impatiently wait for you, the good hacker to take your part. Yes i want this device for what it is... but also for what it could be. Can you image the possibilities... a simple $299 Mac based NAS head... connected to a sweet little 2TB silent drive array... a device that dishes out iPhoto, iTunes, and Bonjour magic. Apache web server, PHP, MySQL, SVN, BT.... all other such goodness in a device meant to serve in solitude and silence. I know that I ask much, but I hope you will answer my prayer... and that others may share in your goodness. amen to you my brother!
  4. You will want to go to the MaNGOS forums (http://www.mangosproject.org/forum/) There is a really nice little build script called MOM. It will do almost EVERYTHING for you. Very simple and fool proof. I have a 1.12.x version of WoW running.. and its good. I keep it up to date with the current dev builds. I am also trying to build a 2.0.8 BC version.. its nearly there... way - way - way - cool ;-) Good luck!
  5. Does anyone have the details on the Rails environment for the 10.5 client (well server as well if you know). I have enabled fcgi, but I am unclear on what needs to be done for each of the rails projects. Is the apache2 just a pass-through proxy for mongrel? Basicaly, i think i am looking for some one who can explain the steps to getting this to work from the Out-of-Box install which includes rebootable - autostart of the sites. If anyone can help... please explain. Very much apprecated!!! -Michael
  6. Michael

    Is it Possible, 3 Partitions with Boot Camp

    xfsasx, I dont expect you to be perfect (all the time)! ;-) I opted to work with just two partitions using boot camp... 1st being the clean Tiger install, and the second being the latest beta stuff. Overall its working out... i sym link a set of "Application Support" subfolders (non-apple based application) so I can have a single share of data. Should probably do that for the preferenes as well... but no time at the moment. Now just need to setup my back-up / restore process and I will be ready for a once a week clean install :-) (that is if the flow of good-cat-tidings continue ) -Michael
  7. I want to be able to divide my drive up into 3 partitions. Is this possible using boot camp, or atleast is there a way to do this in combination with boot camp?
  8. Michael

    Leopard build 9A283 has leaked!

    Damn! how do you top that xfsasx?
  9. Michael

    Leopard build 9A283 has leaked!

    Additional Leopard warnings: On my PowerBook (haven't tried MacBook yet), I am unable to use Terminal... not even iTem (though based on the same) so the Shell is not accessable at all!!!!!!! There are other little tidbits as well... so Leopard truly is for curiousity... trial development and stuff. btw- any seen how active the console is? :-(
  10. Michael

    Leopard build 9A283 has leaked!

    Thanks to the EVER so GREAT xfsasx, my Tiger just gave birth to a baby Leopard ! :-) Btw - has anyone done an upgrade over Tiger with Leopard? I usually do clean installs... but it would be nice this one time to do it this way. :-)
  11. Michael

    Leopard build 9A283 has leaked!

    I know this is off topic a bit... but if you want Safari to render buttons in aqua, all you need to do is tell safari to use your own custom CSS (in the Preferences->Advanced) where the CSS defines the buttons for you. Yes an Advanced thing... but easy to manage and safari will always render the standard buttons.
  12. Michael

    Leopard build 9A283 has leaked!

    for those who complain about safari, why not download the latest webkit. While yes it will have the same changes, it willl be a more recent release and more then likely a better performer (fingers-crossed). If the build of webkit solves your problems... then you can leave it as is... or otherwise follow the nightly releases until you do find the one you like.
  13. Michael

    Leopard build 9A283 has leaked!

    xfsasx, You do have a valid complaint ({censored}). It would be nice to get more info on the release. I am very interested in know more about the development environment.... especially in detail about the Ruby/Cocoa mergence that I have heard a little bit about. But then again this thread is about the leak itself... so maybe a new topic concerning Leopard Features sets would be a better choice and keep this thread going about where (non-oink-able) people can get the build. And yes.. I will seed for a long time (like I did with the previous)... i just want to development against the new cocoa!!!! and new application APIs!!!!!!
  14. I need some help in buying the core components of a new system. I dont want to pay $700 for a core solo mini (what is still being sold where I live) and I am still trying to get a friend to help me get a Apple Refurb Mini (core duo) for $649. In the meantime I will try to see if I can piece one together. Being that I have very limited funds, I cannot really afford mistakes. So if I can get solid advice on what is most likely to work with limited headaches, it would be really appreciated!!!! Here are the computers Tasks: 1. Web Server(s) for development of PHP & Rails sites (my work) 2. Subversion (my work) 3. IMAP Mail server (to use fetchmail) 4. iTunes Library (I have about 1TB of music spread across 5 IDE drives. I will use 1 SATA drive that i have for the boot drive and eventually upgrade to other SATA drives that have higher capacity with the goal of having 2 - 3TB of storage). 5. Movie/DVD playback - To play movies on the Television. (A requirement since this is how I got wife approval ) 6. FTP/File server so I can back up my two Apple notebooks as well as keep them in sync. Note: The computer does not need to be hooked up to a monitor... only the tv for viewing movies. However I am not sure if any of the S-Video out work on OS X. Net access needs to be wireless as well as Lan and would prefer to keep 1ghz speeds. I would very much like to also have Bluetooth, but I dont think that will be a problem as I can always get a dongle and I know in the PC world.... bluetooth on board is not there. The more I can get onto a single motherboard... the happier i will be. In essence, I would love it if all I had to buy was a motherboard, ram, and cpu. Once again, thanks for anyone who can help out, give opinions, and/or speak up otherwise.
  15. Michael

    Leopard build 9A283 has leaked!

    Just to make sure everyone knows, the Pirates treasure is just Fool's Gold... a bunch of nothing!