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    SSD seen as HD?

    Mmm I tried disabling it but I think it may be related to the chipset not being correctly recognized. I think I'll fire up my El Capitan clone and check if it did on that os. Anyway as you say if it works don't fix it Thank you anyway bigben1!
  2. Wall-E

    SSD seen as HD?

    Yes I double checked right now, I used trimforce command to enable trim although i don't think it's working as my ssd is not recognized as such. Swapping port didn't work.
  3. Hello everybody, I have just successfully finished installing Sierra on my old GA-G31M-ES2L Gigabyte board. Everything works wonderfully minus one little thing I can't understand... I was trying to enable trim as my system drive is a Kingston SSD when I noticed that the SSD is, actually, not seen as a SSD. That is quite funny. It is super speedy as always but under its info in disk utility there is a flag stating "solid state: no". Checking the system report there is also no info regarding trim that makes me think the SSD is recognized as a HD. I'll attach two pics showing that. I may be missing something but I can't understand as it was correctly recognized under El Capitan and I've tweaked only a few things after upgrading. Anyone can help? I looked up on google but I can only find people who can't get their SSD to be recognized at all but no one having a similar problem. Thank you very much. BTW, I am using: GA-G31M-ES2L mobo Intel Core Duo 2,93 GHz CPU 4 GB 800 MHz RAM Kingston SSD V300 120GB and I only have installed Clover and its basic drivers64 + NTFS FakeSMC RealtekRTL8111 Mirone's patched AppleHDA