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  1. Hello friends! I have installed kext AppleHDA.kext patched from Patcher 1.1(thanks for patcher ), and also patched config.plist, by this method I got sound working, but microphone still doesn't working . Please help me to get microphone working. Thank you! OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 Asus K52F Intel Core i5 M480 Intel HD Graphics Conexant CX20585 ---------------- How to fix? ok, now the only problem was in platforms.xml.zlib (applehda.kext>resurces>platforms.xml.zlib) 1.open applehda.kext>resurces 2.convert file platforms.xml.zlib to platforms.xml (convert with special program Zlib xml convertor) 3.open this xml file with plist edit program 4.open root>CommonPeripheralDSP 5.delete 12,13,14....22 lines (1>11 = speaker lines, 12>22 microphone lines) 6.save file 7.convert file platforms.xml to zlib 8.install edited applehda.kext and rebuild cache don't understand or any problems? write me PM
  2. Greetings! Please help to install Hackintosh. I tried to install Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.3 on my "Cube i7 Book" tablet PC. I hadn't success. I have a Hackintosh installing experience, but on this tablet it's very hard. So. It is a Core M3-6Y30 cheap tablet with IntelHDGraphics 515 (the same CPU as MacBook9,1 2016). I used USB installer with the Clover 2.3K r36xx (I couldn't install sierra on USB with the new 2.4K). Could anyone tell how can I get that working? PS: 2nd image is 1st zoomed, 3rd image I took after 5 minutes CLOVER.zip Freeze -v details
  3. Ok, thank you for all this hope somebody from this lovely forum can help me solve the hidden problem
  4. No Mic, No sound After I replace the old config file, at this time also no sound Do you have cleared config file all boot menu options(fixHDMI, fix Lan, fix wifi and the other check boxes)? But before sound worked even with vanila applehda(but patched config)
  5. #3 - Update and rebuild OS X cache. With Kext Wizard rebuild cache and repair permissions, right? If there are other ways, I don't know.
  6. At first I want to tank you that you want help me persistently I tried: 1) aDummyHDA + applehda + config.plist - Sound:yes Mic:no 2) aDummyHDA + applehda(vanila) + config.plist - Sound:yes Mic:no 3) aDummyHDA + config.plist - Sound:no Mic:no shortly no way ) Have you any idea?
  7. Yes. Maybe I must also use the other files from "Mironaudio" folder (patch result folder)? I use Clover 3338 SE, and Clover configurator vibrant version, if it means something
  8. MaciASL (http://sourceforge.net/projects/maciasl/)
  9. I used real mac MLB ROM after installing El Capitan 10.11.3, all works fine, but after 4 days I got error message "*****@icloud.com is not registered with imessage". Where is the problem? Thank you.
  10. After intel hd graphics DSDT patch I got the error message "DTGP doesn't exist", I have added DTGP. SIP already was disabled Allan thank you for trying.