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  1. ASUS P5W DH Deluxe

    merci, jai mal compris a toute
  2. ASUS P5W DH Deluxe

    Tu a utliliser quel installer de chameleon. Sur la lien il y a plein des options, et quand jai utiliser le pkg, il nya pas de /Extra. Sil te plait, est ce que quelqun peut mettre le contenu de /extra ici. Jarrive pas a voir ou je trouve toutes les kexts merci ash
  3.  - P5W DH Deluxe - [SUCCESS]

    Ok so thanks largely in part to everyone on this thread I have now got a perfect install with sleep and 32 bit and 64 bit kernel support. However there are 2 minor issues 1. Upon wake from sleep the bluetooth has trouble finding anything but I assume/presume this is a problem with my undersized dong-le. 2. Realtek RTL8187L kext is but 32 of the 64 bits we do seek. Henceforth I propose we spam those scallywags into updating the driver by means of support request emails that are convincing enough for realtek to believe that a large number of people who bought the usb RTL8187 are in fact Mac Pro owners who cannot survive without 64 bit kernel and who prefer using the wireless utility to airport. Oh dear, the more I think about the less I see it happening. Guess i'll have to search for a new wireless card with 64 bit. But seriously 32 bit kernel vs 64 bit kernel, anyone really noticing any end user speed gains? Ciao for now Ooh just quickly in case in terminal cd /System/Library or cd /Extra kextcache -mkext Extensions.mkext Extensions but this seems to be best used in sudo or single user mode for obvious reasons Also VoodooHDA seems to die after update to 10.6.1, if you copy OsV....kext and IOAudio kexts back to /Extra/Extensions sometimes it fixes VoodooHDA
  4. Hey All, how to install Snow Leo to my p5w-dh, q6600 @ 3.0 Ghz, 8gb corsair 5200 ram, Ati HD 4850 1gb gddr3, So I am working from 10.5.8 on my primary Sata, second sata is data drive, then master 3rd is IDE disk for testing snow called /snow Install retail to disk to spare hd partition /snow Once installed apple chameleon rc 2 to /snow then install chameleon rc 3 to preserve /snow/extra/extensions remove all kexts from /extra/extensions cd to /Snow/System/Library/Extensions rm JmicronATA.kext (for my graphics 1gb ddr3 4850) edit info.plist in ati4800.kext and add devid 0x94421002 copy Kexts in folder p5w stuff to /extra/extensions for those using ATI 48xx you must move EVOenabler.kext to S/L/E as it will not work in Extra. dont forget to DSDT patch just in case shutdown, F8 boot straight to disk with Snow Leo boot with arch=i386 -s once booted run fsck -fy then mount -uw / then cd /Extra then kextcache -mkext Extensions.mkext Extensions cd /System/Library/ again kextcache -mkext Extensions.mkext Extensions reboot try with -v -x and if needed -s also smbios.plist and modify com.apple.boot.plist if needed Also when updating to 10.6.1 use the update dmg from apple and before reboot, remodify the relevant Graphics kexts, and once again copy IOaudio and OSvkern kexts to Extra, and repair permissions to get sound and graphics working after update. attached file includes (will update soon)- from http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1248983 kexts- AHCIPortInjector.kext (from Stell's Blog) AppleRTC.kext (from Teknojunkie's DMG) fakesmc.kext (Stell's Blog) IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext (Stell's Blog, for fixing wrong icons problem) IOAudioFamily.kext (COPIED FROM /S/L/E/, so VoodooHDA works) JMicronATA.kext (Stell's Blog) NullCPUPowerManagement.kext (Stell's Blog) OpenHaltRestart.kext (Stell's Blog) OSvKernDSPLib.kext (COPIED FROM /S/L/E/, so VoodooHDA works) PlatformUUID.kext (Stell's Blog, change UUID in /Contents/Info.plist) Sleepenabler.kext (Stell's Blog) VoodooHDA.kext (Audio Kext, Stell's Blog) Chameleon RC 2 + RC 3 boot.plist DSDT Patcher Guide Natit.kext (may need) and smbios.plist Credit to where its due, too many people to list but basically the insanely mac community. No intention of distributing stuff w/o permission, just wanted a nice easy way to communicate files, if you need more info the Stells/teknojunkie/netkas sites have all you need http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=5b1cd1f...e34c0a955f98962 cheers Ash
  5.  - P5W DH Deluxe - [SUCCESS]

    Great Guide! Ok, i cant get fakesmc.kext from stells blog, and I dont know what boot 10.1 file you have? could someone plaese point me in the right direction, and rapidshare is a no go for me, completely blocked. Has anyone got this working with ATI 4850? Cheers Ash
  6. Ati hd 4850

    Hi all, I need to find the pkg's that netkas made and posted on http://netkas.org/?p=101 Need to get a 4850 1gb ddr3 workin on 10.5.8, failing that ill try 10.6. The links wont work for me at all, and I wondered if anyone just might have a copy that they may be able to PM me. Im not asking for someone to repost these as there own, we all know netkas rocks our collective worlds, and also, please dont tell me to use the search function, its {censored} and its also blocked on my unis network (crous the french student net provider blocks all things google unless it fr.) Thankyou in advance
  7. I'm a lumberjack, I feel OK

    Me and the guys were discussing the possibility and probable end of the human race when the USB Fleshlight comes about. Excuse the pun
  8. Moving to france

  9. Moving to france

    Haha, silly me. England. Good ol blighty
  10. I'm currently considering buying a pack of these off of thomann for 160 quid with a bag. But youtube reviews are {censored}, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these. I'm into making all sortsa electronic music, from dubstep, to minimal, to weird and mixing in real instruments too. Specifically is the Nanopad any good as a sort of cheap monome. Also, I want to use them with Logic 8 and Ableton 8, any ups and downs? Cheers
  11. Moving to france

    Just a quick q, i'm off to france in a week and looked around but couldnt find the answer, where can I get kettle plugs in france (supermarche)? and what the hell are they called in french? I have to buy loads to connect my pc, screens etc also do i have to change the voltage setting on my power supply? cheers
  12. Stainless

    Does anyone use this? http://www.stainlessapp.com/ I haven't found any posts about it via search, so I thought I'd post it. Its like Google Chrome, but with one feature of its own, parallel sessions, basically it allows you to stuff like have two Facebook accounts on the go at once, you know one for the family, and one for the other family. It seems to run quick wouldn't be too sure about security, but I think I speak on behalf of a lot of Mac users when I say Google has utterly let us down on the browser front, and it's nice to see a new kid on the block.
  13. Boot up goes Grey-Blue-Grey

    quick reply, thanks alas i have booted with -v -x -s -x32 and only safe mode allows me to boot, but its barely usable (as in i have wlan and cant use it in safe mode...) and as for the link... who knows where it went but this guide is a clone ok this is pissing me off, board wont let me post the other link so i have to spell it (if i post the link it reverts back to the dead one) insanelymac.com/2009/08/ how-to-install-snow-leopard-10a432-on-pc-hackintosh/
  14. So, retail is on my PC. Using this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/2009/08/how-to-...-pc-hackintosh/ (PC EFI chameleon 1.0 has to be used, 2.0 KP's) But after the grey boot screen with the half eaten apple and spinner the screen goes blue as if to login before fading grey with the mouse visible for a brief moment where it can be moved. I have Q6600 @3.0GHz, 8 GB ddr2 800 mhz crucuial Ram, Asus p5w-dh, ATI Radeon HD 3650 512mb, 1st Sata - Leopard (Running Bootifully) 2nd Sata - Data 1st IDE (NOT on the Jmicron IDE to sata) - GUID Snow leopard Sorry if there is a sol'n to this on the board already but due to the ambiguity of searching for grey screen on any osx86 pages I have been unable to find it. So flame if you must but help is much more appreciated. Thanks in advance
  15. Thankyou, works perfectly