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  1. Try it with smb://username@servername/sharename I'm working here in a 2003-AD. The only problem I have is with DFS-Shares, but I can ship around that by mounting from the original servers. CDFS
  2. Just went from 512MB to 1,25GB of RAM. In XBench there is no big difference (something about 2-5 points, can't remember), but some Applications startup faster (Terminal for example bounces just 1 time and is up and running, with 512MB it was 3-4times bouncing before I could do anything), switching between Applications is faster, and yes, minimizing/maximizing windows is as well smother. CDFS
  3. cdfs

    What do you burn CD/DVDs with?

    I'm using Toast7 and Firestarter. Firestarter is free and it can handle cue/bin images! CDFS
  4. cdfs

    How to write '@' ?

    I had the same Problems... download ukelele, this little tool will help you to find the keys you need. CDFS
  5. I don't get the point with this window-thing mentioned here... there is a beautifull function for handling the windows: Just Press F9 to get all open Apps, Press F10 to get all windows of the current App and finaly press F11 to get all Windows away... No third party products needed here in my opinion... CDFS
  6. cdfs

    Photoshop Performance Test (CS or CS2)

    118 sec. using Photoshop CS (Version 8) on a native install (from marklar-tiger-release1.iso), 10.4.2 Exec-Patch, 10.4.3 Userland-Update and localisation update. My Hardware: Acer Travelmate 290 CPU: Pentium M 1.5 GHz Graphics: Intel 845 RAM: 512 MB CDFS
  7. I've installed from deadmoo-Image and updated my System to 10.4.3 with osxupdate.rar (from TPB). Nearly all of my Hardware is working with no flaws out of the box. My only problem is networking: If I send some files to another box connected on the net via SMB, I have no Problems, the other way, getting something from another box I get no performance, it's about 10MBit. My networkcard is recognized as built-in (it's a realtek builtin). The Problem occured with the original installation and with the update. Anyone here with the same problem or even better with a solution? My Hardware: ACER Travelmate 290 Intel Pentium M 1,5 GHz i815 Chipset Realtek on-board network CDFS
  8. Maybe someone has solved this: I there a way to change the Keyboard mapping to my pc-Notebook-Mapping? For example, if I want get an @, I have to press windows-key+L and not as usual alt+Q... Any suggestions? CDFS
  9. I installed the 10.4.1 deadmoo-Image on my Acer Travelmate 290 and it runs quite well. I've seen an updatepackage on TPB from 10.4.1 to 10.4.3 of about 600MB. My question is, is it save or advisable to install this update or will I f*ck up my machine? Some Details on my Hardware and Software: OSX deadmoo-Image with Maxxus TPM and SSE2 Patch Hardware: Acer Travelmate 290 CPU: Pentium M 1,5GHz RAM: 512MB DDR 333 Graphics: Integrated Intel (I think i815? I had to kick the i830 and i915 kext to get it to run) Sound: Intel ICH4 (runs with no flaws) Network: Integrated Realtek and integrated Firewire (both running with no flaws) WLAN: ipw2100, non working So WLAN is the only non-working thing, even powermanagement is working. Any recomendations? Should I update? What benefits can I expect? Do I have to apply some special patches afterwards or in advice? Please help me... CDFS