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  1. A little update: If you check here, you'll see that the ALC850 is the only 8-channel Codec that Realtek ever made. In other words: Users of the ALC65x Codecs won't have the problem we are experiencing, since their MoBos only offer 6 channels! Maybe if we could edit some plist so that the 850 is recognized as an 8-channel device instead of 6-channel? That should do the job already!.. I checked the info.plist in /System/Library/Extensions/AppleAC97Audio.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleAC97AudioIntelICH.kext/Contents, but there's no mention of the Codec's capabilities in there... I tried changing the ICHtype of the Nvidia entry from 99 to 8 (in Intels ICH6 entry that's the only place where I can see an Integer 6!), but it didn't seem to change anything (worked just like before!)... Anyone know any other place where we could look? IOkit.framework looks promising, lots of hits on "channel" in IOAudioDefines.h and IOAudioTypes.h...
  2. Okay, I have an Asus A8N-E with ALC850, too, and I think I know what the problem is: The ALC850 actually has 8-channel, not just 6-channel! So every time it is accessed using 6-channel output, there's two "ignored" channels "left" and hence the output channels are rotated by 2! Try it with some AC3 testfile in VLC. Every time you play it, it shifts 2 channels, there are 3 different layouts until it repeats. So speaker-assignment is not really random... If you try Fraunhofer's mp3 surround player with the encoded 6channel_id.wav the layout stays the same. But it does not react in any way to what you set in the Audio/MIDI config tool... This may be due to VLC using AuHAL for an output (like it is supposed to be) while the Fraunhofer mp3 surround player probably uses the old static-windows-channelorder method VLC used before that ignores the Audio/MIDI Speaker layout (CoreAudio?).. And if you keep in mind the 3 steps VLC cycles through and f.ex. switch LS/RS with L/R you'll notice that VLC actually reacts to the speaker layout set in Audio/MIDI config, thanks to AuHAL! I also noticed that Left/Right front (aka Normal stereo) is much louder than the other channels, but I think this can be fixed using the volume sliders in Audi/MIDI config... So we need to find the person that's responsible for the AC97 driver, especially the Realtek ALC850 and ask him nicely to provide 8(7.1)-channel output (which OS X can do, just check out the Pulldown in the "Assign channel" window in Audio/MIDI!). If that's too hard to do, another option would be to provide two channels of silence for the missing Left/Right side speakers.. A way to check that the default channel layout is correct (so that programs like the mp3 surround player that don't use AuHAL but a fixed channel order with Core Audio) still work would be to get some generic 5.1 (or 7.1 if that's even readily available!) USB-device, plug it in and check with the mp3-surround player. Don't worry, all the ones I tried worked, there's a generic USB class for such devices.. I recommend the Terratec Aureon 5.1 USB, all these 5.1-headphones make it kinda hard to tell where the sound is really coming from! ;-) btw: The M-Audio Sonica Theater can do 7.1 on the Mac - but they have their own software for OS X. Still, i think they also work with Audio/MIDI if you set them to "passthrough" IIRC, but from what I remember they placed the two extra channels BEHIND the listener as some sort of "enhanced back center", not directly on the sides (like the Realtek and other PC-manufacturers aim to do)... This could be somewhat compensated for using the Speaker assignment in Audio/MIDI, just move LS/RS to L/R and the two "back centers" (can't remember what they were called) to LS/RS..
  3. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Okay, please shoot me! 8) I was given the MoBo by a guy who ran osx86 on it before, but he hadn't installed forcedeth (it wasn't available or stable enough back then!), so he disabled LAN in the BIOS! ;-) I've enabled it now and it all works like a charm just according to the instructions on page 1, thank you so much for forcedeth! Hooray, GBit-EN works! 8) However, the other problems mentioned persist..
  4. Driver for nForce4 LAN

    Hey guys! I have the same problem as "Audit" (see Page 21): I did everything according to the steps in Posting 1, and forcedeth seems to load fine, but all I get is the chown/chmod/kextload commands in the system log, nothing else. I also don't get the log that is posted on Page 1 (though that might be outdated with current versions now) upon kextloading forcedeth, all i get is this: forcedeth.kext appears to be valid loading extension forcedeth.kext forcedeth.kext loaded successfully loading personalities named: nForce 4 LAN sending 1 personality to the kernel matching started for forcedeth.kext No Ethernet shows up in the Network panel and ifconfig doesn't change a bit, no enX interfaces!.. 8( I noticed that forcedeth.kext does show up in the Extensions in the System Profiler, but forcedeth-nockd.kext does not... I have an Asus A8N-E with an nForce 4 Ultra chipset, an Athlon64 3500+ (Venice) with a beautiful fanless Geforce 7600GT, running a freshly installed, totally unmodified Jas 10.4.8... plz he;lp! ;-D P.S: Just in case someone can help me out (or give me a pointer) on the other issues I have: 1) "About this Mac" crashes pretty much everytime I try to show it. I've heard paulicat made an AppleSMBios.kext that's supposed to fix this, but the download link from http://paulicat.freeflux.net/blog/archive/2006/11/ is dead. 2) Lineout and linein seem to work, but is there any way to get the 8-channel output running? I do know OS X supports PCM-Multichannel-output, it works without drivers with all USB-5.1 devices.. 3) Not THAT important, but did anyone try to get SP/DIF to work? 8) 4) Sleep and reboot do not work. This seems to require some heavy trial-and-error on kernels, anyone with an A8N-E that could give me some pointers? 8)