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  1. Fujitsu Siemens P7120 99,5% Tiger

    Hi budubub, did you tried the kext form my post #6 in this thread also yet? Regards, Ebeneezer
  2. Fujitsu Siemens P7120 99,5% Tiger

    Hi budubub, i assume this is a problem with your partition scheme, not with OSX. Can you retry giving OSX the whole hdd in one partition? Maybe you can also post details on your partition scheme. Bonne chance, Ebeneezer
  3. Fujitsu Siemens P7120 99,5% Tiger

    Nice work Akula, I think Id better stick with the PCMCIA solution - I do fear to end with a completely disassembled P7120 ... Anyone with a solution to the sleep-but-no-wake-up problem on our machine? I don't get any further on this. Also no solution to the dead build-in microphone. Regards, EG
  4. Fujitsu Siemens P7120 99,5% Tiger

    Akula my friend, this does not apply to the ricoh patch I provided. You have to upgrade your P7120 BIOS and DISABLE Speedstep in the BIOS Settings. This will make your P7120 boot also on battery. Regards, Ebeneezer Goode
  5. Fujitsu Siemens P7120 99,5% Tiger

    Hi Jellycow, the issue with Apples DVD player relies in the massive use of SSE3 Instructions. I doubt that there will be a solution to Apples Player on a SSE2 CPU. Anyway working without sleeping and resuming on a Macbook is much more annoying than using MPlayer for DVD playing. Greetings, EG
  6. Fujitsu Siemens P7120 99,5% Tiger

    Hi folks, going for the next round I installed the beamsync trick and QuartzSimple from the installation DVD. My xbench results went from around 27 up to 57 - so I decided to disable beamsync also for subsequent reboots with sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver Compositor -dict deferredUpdates 0 The solution for WIFI is to buy a TP-LINK PCMCIA card TL-WN510G which is around 10 euros/dollars. You also need this kext IO80211family.kext.zip to enable it. It works as a native AirPort adapter (is uses an Atheros chip) and you can configure your wlans using the Mac OS wifi menu item - WPA / WEP / WPA2 supported. Just follow the instructions on how to install kexts and reset the kext cache somewhere in this board.To be able to do that you first have to make Mac OS recognize the PCMCIA bus controller with is manufactured by Ricoh. I used these two kexts ricoh_pcmcia.zip which I took from JaS 10.4.8 installation disk. Those that come with the 10.4.11 do not work. I installed this AppleACPIThermal.kext.zip and it seems that the systems temperature went down by around 5-10 degrees (measured using iStat Pro). Jellycow my friend, you should upgrade your BIOS to the latest version of the P7120. I did that before I started my installation. Maybe this fixes your USB problem as I can plug and unplug USB devices hot. I tried it with an USB telephone and I was able to skype (audio). I did not change the default installer optiones besides those mentioned - maybe you should check that too. Use MPlayer OSX 1.0 rc1 - it will play your DVDs - I am working on a fix to get Apples DVD player running. I do not have any problems mounting DMGs - maybe this can be of any help: Fix DMG mounting Sleeping aka ACPI S3 does not work - that is true. I am also desperately seeking a solution. Someone got the internal mic running? Regards, EG
  7. Hi Community, i am starting this thread to document my efforts to implement Tiger on the Fujitsu Siemens P7120 subnote. As the title shows there is still some work left, and I hope there are other P7120 users that could join in to reach 100%. Why i did it: Being a Linux veteran i was searching for a stable and graphical nice OS on my subnote machine. I own an iMac G5 since 2006 and like the stability and usability of OS X 10.0+. I tried Vista on the P7120 and it was insanely slow - and there is no Aero since the P7120 was manufactured in 2005. I also tried Linux and it worked quite good even with sleep functions and 3D desktop. I will give it another try with the release of KDE 4. The sad thing is that there is no support for PCMCIA UMTS/HSDPA cards for my card under Linux - so i gave OS X a try. I decided not to go with Leopard because of the limited CPU/RAM ressources - i think Tiger runs faster on older machines. I dl BlackCHs 10.4.11 DVD from TPB and selected the following options from the installer menu: Intel GMA900 (the fix gets installed later, which gives you full Quartz Extreme and CoreImage support) Realtek 8139 generic support (the docs from Fujitsu are wrong: There is no RTL8101 but a RTL8139 built into the P7120 according to Linux lspci command) Azalia Sound Support (there is an ALC260 inside the P7120 and this gives you stereo Line Out but the microphone does not work) Intel SSE2-only kernel with the 3 suboptions - other kernels don't work (kernel panic), checked off other kernels Front Row Quicktime codecs leaving other options as defaulted by the installer After the installer finishes the base installation I had to install the 1 wire trick to prevent the blue screen problem. Installed the GMA900fixer from the system/installationpackages folder on the patch DVD. After rebooting Quartz Extreme and CoreImage are activated. Activated mouse gestures clicking and disabled dragging under system preferences/keyboard/mouse features. Dragging still works nicely with the built-in touchpad. I installed the LCD Brightness Control util as the keyboard controls do not work. The system is usable at this point and i will describe the configuration of PCMCIA WIFI with AirPort configuration tools other goodies in following posts. I would be happy to hear comments and will add any usefull hints to this howto which is a simple concentration of information from insanelymac - everything you need can be find within this superb board! Regards, Ebeneezer Goode