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  1. GTX 860M

    I will check into that, but to be honest dude I own a real apple.. Macbook pro 15 inch, Im not cheap. I am not doing this to get a cheap version of an apple computer. I want a great gaming experieance. Most of my games run off OSX, so I want to use that for my games. I want the power of the nvidia 860m.. Apple does not currently have a video card in any of thier laptop lines that even comes close to matching that card. That is my goal. Understand now ? I thought I was more clear than that before Thanks for the info though, I will see if I cant match up any of the ID's
  2. GTX 860M

    I have the G750m-bsi7n23 I didnt think it was an optimus card ? So any card that is Optimus Enabled is a no go for the OSX86 Project ? Thats a bummer! I wish Apple would actually build macbooks with better graphic cards than the intel-{censored} cards they have... I so NEED to get rid of Windows lol
  3. GTX 860M

    Has Anyone got the GTX 860M to work in any capacity in any version of OSX To date ? am curious if its even worth attempting to dump OSX ON my Asus Laptop.. THanks
  4. Help with USB Booting ASUS G750

    got it Thanks for that tip!!!!
  5. Help with USB Booting ASUS G750

    Not quite sure how lol
  6. Help with USB Booting ASUS G750

    Hmm, Still it is something I have not yet tried, and at this point I am willing to explore all options. When I get a chance i will at the very least check it out. Thanks for the tip!
  7. Help with USB Booting ASUS G750

    Thanks for the tip... I did try it on a external hdd... I partitioned it multiple ways and everything, Still no luck and as for that dell method, I think I will give that a shot here next time I am able to do another attempt at an install!
  8. Help with USB Booting ASUS G750

    Thanks for the reply. I have attempted to install it in Standerd mode, and the wizard, and I tried every partition option there is lol.. also I did install the fakesms and the ps2 one i believe.. the other im not sure, it does not sound familure. Also for the gfx fix you put, not quire sure if I need to do that. I cant even get the laptop to boot to the usb let a lone give it the chance to fail a gfx check Thanks for the tip, I will keep that in mind next post!!
  9. Ok I need a bit of help here. I have been trying and trying for months now. I am not an average computer user so this is starting to get quite a bit frustrating here!! I have been trying to get OSX installed on a pc for quite some time now. I am a gamer and I hate windows.. Most of the games I play actually have a mac client so since I frecking LOVE OSX I want to be able to play it on a decent system. I have had manny laptops / desktops over the last few years, but about 5 months ago I started to attempt to install OSX86 on any of the units. I had both AMD And Intel, no luck on nothing. Well the past is the past, I just recently aquired 2 beauties which I love First is an actual Mac.. Macbook Pro core 2 duo laptop. A bit older, will do perfectly for work and browsing but not for gaming. Unfortunatly I need a gaming laptop and the current best of the best macbook just wont cut it .. So I got an ASUS G750 perfect for gaming... Now here is where the problem lies. I have been trying to follow 2 guides mostly ( Have also scoured the net for others to get tips and bits off off) but the 2 main ones are: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280756-guide-the-all-in-one-guide-to-vanilla-os-x-including-chameleon-dsdt-for-beginners-updated-for-mavericks/ and http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/296469-noobs-guide-how-to-install-os-x-mavericks-from-scratch-in-progress/ So far it seems pretty simple to me ( I am a technician so I understand everything) Now even though I just stated I am a technician, I can be stumped This may be a simple solution (I havent really worked professionaly in the IT Field in 3 years so Im starting to get a bit rusty) but I just cant see it !! I am stuck at booting the unit into the bootloader. I got my USB All set perfectly, got the install set and everything.. but the ASUS Laptop will not boot to the usb drive I had created using the real mac. And before anyone says so, I do know how to set the BIOS and Boot Order / Priority.. Every time I select the USB Drive, it just goes right into Windows. I removed the Windows HDD from the laptop and then it produced INvalid Boot Disk error... So something is going wrong with the Bootloader on the USB.... I have no clue.. Any ideas ?
  10. Flash Drive

    So question.... I made a .dmg Image of my osx 10.6 disc just incase i lost or destroyed the disc... Well I Destroyed the Disc.. So I was wondering if there was a way to put the .dmg on a flash drive, use the MagicMod CD (I think thats whats its called ?) To read the Flash Drive as where the osx is installed and utilize that ? I really dont feel like going to buy Duel Layer DVD's lol
  11. newb (Returning Newb) Question!

    So I have been slacking for awhile, but Now starting the project... Will let you know hahah
  12. newb (Returning Newb) Question!

    Will do, Trying to get a retail Copy then I shall go from there Might make it out to the apple store today not sure yet lol Is there a way to access the Apple App store on a windows platform ? Would rather buy it Digataly than go the the apple store lol!! Discs die quickly with me
  13. newb (Returning Newb) Question!

    Thanks for the tip, Man a lot has changed. Retail discws never worked back when i was fiddeling with it haha.. but I do like that better. I shall get right on that!! Thanks for the Advice
  14. Ok so I know this is a newb question so bare with me please I have been out of the game for a few years for sure, I remember the last build I used was one from 10.5, I can see lots have changed. Well I just built a new rig, and was thinking of putting a build on a partition, however I cannot find any information on any build(s) I remember there used to be a topic that listed all the current build(s) and thier respected chipset type.. However I cannot find this information. I remember a few were iAKTOS iDeneb etc etc I cant find any of the new ones out there, not even via my "source' to aquire.. So has something changed to aquire a build since I was last here or am I just stupid and am looking for the wrong thing ?? For those that are curious to the specs of the new rig there they are! AMD FX 8120 3.1ghz 8 Core Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 AM3 system-board AMD RD9x0 Chipset AMD SB910/950 southbridge AMD ATI Radeon HD 6850 video card 8gb DDR3 Any help would be appreated, Thanks!
  15. Leopard Hangs on boot

    Thanks for the reply. But what is this nano that u speak of ?