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  1. rumblpak

    G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    I had a problem with OSX86Tools generating a bad efi-string. I did the other method and have a working card. I also added my devid to nvdaresman but i don't think I needed to. You may want to go into safeboot unload the kexts, repair permissions and reload the kexts.
  2. rumblpak

    G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    Thanks for the work, I got mine working. Now I just need to get sound working.
  3. rumblpak

    G94(9600gt) is fully supported by new mbp drivers!

    The new kexts should only work in 10.5.5; however, seeing as how my new motherboard refuses to let me boot off an external hd I have no way of testing. I'm attempting at shrinking my D drive enough to do an install but no promises when that may be.
  4. rumblpak

    new macbooks finally support 9xxx so now...

    maybe itll work with a desktop 9600 GT (still hope for me). I just don't have time to run through a reinstall to do that tonight. [edit] i have a devid of 0x062210de in case someone does some testing.
  5. rumblpak

    new macbooks finally support 9xxx so now...

    If somebody tells me what files we need I'll post them. I've stopped using osx86 and opted to use my mbp for mac use so I'm slightly out of the "scene." I'd be happy to get my shiny new 9600 GT working in osx [edit] im currently uploading everything in the extensions folder of the update to rapidshare, when its done I'll post a link. [edit2] link: http://rapidshare.com/files/154407076/Extensions.tgz.html
  6. rumblpak

    new macbooks finally support 9xxx so now...

    just going out on a limb but it probably has something to do with this update http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/mac...reupdate12.html but getting the kexts already extracted is probably safer than force installing an update that i'm not sure what it does.
  7. rumblpak

    Vista really isn't all that bad

    I might be the only one here to argue this point but I like vista SO much more than xp. Does anyone on this forum even remember using xp before sp2? For those that don't remember it sucked. It had little to no driver support when xp came out and had tons of bugs. Vista on the other hand also had some driver issues (video mainly but that was at the fault of intel, nvidia, and amd), and some issues with older computers. Guess what, maybe its time for an upgrade? I haven't used a computer with less than 2gb of memory for years and if you don't have that much you shouldn't be using aero anyway. I attempted at going back to xp after a couple of months of using vista and went right back to vista a couple days later because my computer ran faster in vista than it did in xp because of the speed increases that vista has over xp. I also had some major stability problems with my memory in xp (which works fine in vista and osx86). /rant
  8. I'm also interesting in finding out about the Nvidia 9600 series (G94).
  9. no video usually means a memory problem try using only one stick of memory in DIMM0 if that one doesnt work try another stick again in DIMM0. It might be a bad stick of memory.
  10. rumblpak

    Please help about Vista on a MacBook Pro

    Vista loader does in fact work but look for the 2.1.3 or 2.2.0 version. Though I do have a legal version of vista, I've had problems activating with my legal copy so I use vista loader to force it to work :s
  11. rumblpak

    The NSPanel Thread

    What with the new version of transmission the current HUD does not work. When I have time I'll update it but don't count on it any time soon.
  12. I'm not really sure about it myself but I take it to a friend of mine that works at the apple store and lets put it this way if he reported me he'd be in a world of hell if I reported him ;P. I've never worried about it though.
  13. rumblpak

    The NSPanel Thread

    Alright because I pulled a stupid and zipped the wrong folder, here is the software update hud. put it in the english.lproj folder and overwrite the files. Software_Update_English.zip
  14. rumblpak

    The NSPanel Thread

    So with the release of 10.5.3 I can confirm that the software update hud works perfectly. Feel free to download and play with it now.
  15. rumblpak

    The NSPanel Thread

    I took a look for it but I have a feeling the trash properties are in a compiled nib so we cant change it. The last set of instructions are pretty much right but it doesnt say that the choices to do such things like change nswindow to nspanel are in the 5th (4th maybe?) inspector tab and once you change it you have to go to the first inspector tab and click the hud checkbox to make it a hud.