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  1. here is the ssdt I did, please let me know were I went wrong.Many thanks SSDT-X299-iMacPro.aml
  2. I am getting a lot of error trying to implement it with you original ssdt. can you please compile it and send it to me. thanks.
  3. here it is thanks. I changed my graphics card back to the Vega 56 because thats the only blower style my computer store had at the time, I am going to replace it with a 64 as soon as they get them back in stock. DSDT.aml
  4. Here is a copy of my ioreg as a zip. I tried but I just can't get it to work. thanks for your help.iMac Pro.zip
  5. nothing shows up in ioreg when I type in "HDAU" and when I type in "Display" in ioreg I get: PCO2@0>BR2A@0>SLO5@0>pic-bridge@0>display@0 Shouldn't I see something like GFX@0? thanks.
  6. manage to get everything in the right slot, but now I cannot get HDMI Audio to work, how do I enable HDMI Audio with Radeon Vega? Thanks.
  7. cant upload ioreg because its more than 10mb. why do i see pci-bridge instead ox gfx0 for graphics or nhci for thunder bolt?
  8. the wifi card only works in slot 3 and 4. i attached my original dsdt but its not allowing me to attach my ioreg. I got my graphics card to work and show up the wifi works too but the thunderbolt works as well but it does not show up in system profile. the graphics card on the other hand, while it works, the fans are spinning at high speed most times. DSDT.aml
  9. I went and get the Asus Strix RX Radeon Vega 64 GPU but now I am having problems with the SSDT I had to move the wifi and the thunderbolt card one slot down because the GPU is so big that it is covering up slot 3 according to your nomenclature posted in your guide. can you please help me out. I will definitely buy you a beer at the end. thanks. I have started working on the ssdt.
  10. I followed your Guide where you said that AMD Graphics cards are natively supported, so I went ahead and get a Radeon RX 580 8gb but now the ssdt is messed up. i had to move the OS X wifi card to the last slot since it can't fit in pci slot 3 with the the graphics card. and now with PC00 to PCI0 i loose graphics acceleration, but get it back whrni disable the patch. can you please make me a ssdt for Asus prime x299 deluxe and Radeon Rx 580 8gb? your help is greatly appreciated. thanks.
  11. Thanks again @KGP-iMacPro It is my 980ti that is not supported, because when I Replace it with my old 760 now everything is perfect. I now have to look around like you said to find a HADU kext for my 980TI. Thanks
  12. Ok so far so good I have been following your guide and advice and now I have almost everything up and running, the only issue I have is that I am not getting HDAU audio to work. please help. thanks
  13. Being that we are using the same motherboard. in your config plist i see you have all dsdt patches disable.wich ones do i have to turn on? thanks.
  14. Sorry I am not so good at this. Use AppleALC.kext 1.2.7 and Lilu.kext 1.2.3? do I put these in clover/kext/other? I also downloaded your SSDT should i put them in Clover/ACPI/Patch? Your help is greatly appreciated. Edit-Update: So I went ahead and adopt your SSDT and now i have audio but i do not have HD AUDIO. I am using a GTX 980TI is there something that i have to change in the SSDT? Thanks