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  1. Mac Mini style PC case

    Just discovered this thread, has anyone here tried one of these cases yet? Very keen on that size hackintosh.
  2. Thanks for the patch. Someone gave me a late 2006 Macbook with 1GB in it, running Snow Leopard, but I wanted to install Viber which needs Lion, so I ordered some more RAM from Hong Kong off eBAy, but that will take weeks to get here, in the meantime the patch let me get on with the upgrade from Snow Leopard Thanks again.
  3. I am looking at using Mac Mini servers to host a few virtual machines each. I know that Parallels has an expensive bare metal hypervisor that is supposed to run on Mac Mini hardware, but I was wondering if anybody has had success getting any of the other bare metal hypervisors to run on Mac Mini? eg. ESXi, XenServer, KVM etc.
  4. BCM5906

    Me too, I have a Lenovo S10e that works fine on Snow Leopard, but often I take it places with no WiFi Access Point, but they have ethernet.
  5. Yep I tried that, it only picks up the CPU and the Hard drive sensors on the Zotac.
  6. I am still getting crashes on my Zotac board every few days, and I had a thought, perhaps the GPU is overheating, does anyone know how to read the 9300 GPU temperature on Mac OS X so I can see if it's getting enough air?
  7. Osx on thinkpad r52

    I just can't seem to get any audio working on my Thinkpad R52 model 1858 with 10.5.8 ideneb lite. I have tried all sorts of audio kexts but it always says no built in audio device in system profiler. The vendor id code is 8086 266e. I can see those codes in one of the AppleAC97audio.kext plugins, but it just doen't want to load. Does the R52 audio depend on some other .kext I don't have installed? eg. I don't have a PCMCIA kext because it often gave a bit of booting trouble.
  8. Anyone tried the 10.5.8 update yet? It broke my system, reboots with some audio related errors. Just trying to find out what possible got overwritten. Safe mode still worked. These are the .kexts in /S/L/E that have todays modified date against them since the 10.5.8 update. System.kext IPFirewall.kext IOPCIFamily.kext IONDRVSupport.kext IOGraphicsFamily.kext AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext AppleIntelGMAX3100FB.kext Not sure which is causing a problem, to fix it I removed the extensions.kext and did a repair permissions on the volume, after which the system boots again normally. One thing I have noticed is that my screen saver eventually still kicks in even though I have set it to never. Any idea why that might happen? BTW. My crashing issue after a few days problem caused the black dialog box wanting a reboot. Is there anyway to get a proper kernel panic message on the screen that might help debug, instead of just that standard Mac black dialog box message?
  9. I don't let the system sleep, however it may be related to the energy saver switching off the display. I have left the system running for two days with just the screen saver and no display switch off and it seems to be doing better. Of course the LCD back light is on all the time, so it's not ideal, just trying to isolate the issue.
  10. I don't think my problem is a thermal fault with the board, as all I need to do is hit reset and it's right again for a couple of days without letting it cool or anything. I am doing a test atm. with the energy saver disabled so I can see if there is a kernel panic or something on the screen that gives more info. I will post if I find out more.
  11. My system is freezing after being left idle for a couple of days like over a weekend, well it's a bit hard to tell, the screen is blank from the energy saver and won't wake up when I move the mouse or push a key, forcing me to reboot. I have the energy save set to only switch off only the display. (drive and sleep are set to never) I will do some more test setting the energy save to never and see if that makes any difference. My install is the using the 10.5.6 retail using the BootThink method/kexts described above by Minihack. Just seeing if anyone else has come across a similar issue.
  12. I had to go to the local Apple dealer thins morning and buy a 10.5.6 retail installer. I just couldn't get anywhere with the 10.5.0 always failed on the boot. With the 10.5.6 I am now making progress, the install is running atm. System is now running, I used the BootThink sparseimage method MiniHack created on a thumb drive instead of Chameleon seemed to work fine, I had to boot with -x flag a couple of times after install until I sorted out the .kext database rebuild. 10.5.7 update was fine. Now to look into WiFi.
  13. Are you sure your retail disk was 1.5.0? I am not getting anywhere with mine, it's the 5 user family pack DVD, I cant get it to boot using many of the above methods. No problem booting the iATKOS v7 disk, but it only gets about 20% into the install and then says it can't validate the contents of 10.5.7 Intel and stops. I have checked the MD5 and burn 5 or 6 different copies on several different burners at slowest speed and they all do the same thing. So far I have had zero luck with any OSx86 install on this nice little board. I have double checked the BIOS settings and even tried MiniHack's .sparseimage thumbdrive boot image. I am out of ideas short of buying a later retail DVD.
  14. Anyone tried one of these Zotac GeForce 9300 board with the iATKOS_v7.iso installer? If so what options need selecting in the installer? I have just ordered a board and already have the iATKOS_v7 distro handy. I have a retail Leopard disk just in case but it's quite an early one, needs several updates.
  15. Intel ATOM330 D945GCLF2

    The Foxconn is a fair bit cheaper, however that's not a problem as I can use it for another project. I will order the Intel board as you suggest and give it a go.