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  1. Copy - paste issue on Mac OS X

    So, any solution to my problem? I can do it in Windows using Word, but not in Mac OS X.
  2. Hi there, By chance, I found out that I cannot copy/paste text and images simultaneously from an application to another. I've tried to copy them from firefox, safari to Word and Pages, then copy from Word to pages, but only texts are copied. After an hour searching on the net, I realize that because the built-in clipboard of mac os x can only contains 1 kinds of format at a time, so either text or images can be copied, but not both. Then I tried testing some clipboard extenders for Mac: jumpcut, CopyPaste Pro, CopyPaste-X, PTHPasteBoard. But none of them provide the feature of simultaneous text+image copy. Is there any other software out there that provide this feature. I think this is a common issue to any computer user, so there must be a way to solve it. Please help me, thanks in advance.
  3. video playback issues.

    I have the same issue too, and I have no idea of how to fix it. Anyway, you should first enable QE/CI on your hackintosh first, to see if it can help. Try to look at the genius bar on this forum, in "video problems". If you can play video files after enabling QE/CI, please let me know, thanks first. QE/CI = Quartz Extreme, Core Image, please use google for more details.
  4. thanks for your reply, but the main feature I need here is recording the traffic weight of each day, and each month. I don't really need to see "what kind of apps are trying to connect to/from my computer", but I need to see "how many bytes does it take to connect each day/month". If you have any kind of that apps, please tell me. I really appreciate all your support. Moreover, the site of NetBarrier is dead :censored2:, I can only test Little Snitch . Once again, thanks for your reply, cabron.
  5. I'd like to find an application that: - run at startup. - record the income/outcome traffic on my Mac, store the records by date. - I can view the log/report of 1 day, 2 days or a month accordingly. The reason for this is my internet line this month causes a lot of money, but I didn't use that much, so I want to watch my mac to find the solution for this issue. If anyone has any apps that have those features, please suggest me. Thanks in advance.
  6. I've checked the directory Library/Quicktime but it's empty .
  7. Thanks for your reply, I haven't tried your solution yet, but I only tested on *.mov files, so I think quicktime doesn't need any extra codec to play that type of files, just like Windows Media Player doesn't need anything else to play *.wmv files. Anyway, I'll try it in a moment and post the result here. Once again, thank you . By the way, could you tell me some places to download codec?
  8. I have a rather strange problem: My audio works from the beginning (at the setup pages when I first turn on my computer after installing Leopard on my Hackintosh), and it also works for VLC, iTunes. This morning I downloaded the guided tour from apple advertising Macbook Air, then played it using Quicktime (which is default), it appears to have no sound played. First I thought this might be a corruption of the file, but when I tried other .mov files, the problems still occurs. I'm using Dell Latitude D600, with the audio is Sigmatel 9750, my OS X is Leopard Kalyway 10.5.1. If anyone has any clue about this issue, please give me a comment. I really appreciate that. Thanks.
  9. Mobility Radeon 9000 thread

    Hi Bonkey, I'm interested in getting to know your experience with Radeon 9000 on Leopard. How does it work? Do you have QE/CI (I think no, is that right?), can you change the resolution of the screen? Have you tested with 2 monitors? I'm very glad to have you share all the information. Thanks much.
  10. Mobility Radeon 9000 thread

    Excuse me, is there any current driver out there that get the card work with 2 monitors? I'm using my laptop with an extra monitor, so I wonder whether i will work for that extra monitor or not? Since I havent installed leopard, I cant try. If anyone has experience with this, please help. Thanks
  11. Mobility Radeon 9000 thread

    Excuse me, is this a version for Radeon 9000 too? Where can I get the version for Radeon 9000?
  12. Dell E1505 Users...

    Thank you very much for your reply. I'll check if my computer uses a Sigmatel 9200.
  13. Dell E1505 Users...

    I've installed Kalyway Leopard on my friend's DELL E1505, however his laptop is different a bit from yours: Intel Core Solo 1.86GHz Intel VGA Card onboard And his laptop works great with Leopard, except the sound needs a driver (we still don't know how to detect the ID of this sigmatel sound card, if you know, please help), and we haven't tried wireless network yet. QE/CI works great with his on-board VGA card. So I think what you should do now is looking for a topic about you VGA card to see whether it needs drivers or not, and prepare the driver for your installation. Then, give it a try . I'm glad to share any of my exp, good luck
  14. Hi Sama, I got the exact same problem as you with the ToH RC2, but when I tried with kalyway, the problem disappears. Now I'm too busy with my studying that I cannot install Kalyway, hope that I can install is successfully and I'll post my achievement with instructions included for you. By the way, did you try kalyway, or ToH? Try them, and if they don't work, try install EFI v8 first (it's just a suggestion of mine).
  15. I'm using Windows XP, and I intend to erase windows, only install Leopard on my laptop. So could you give me an advice of what kind of HD should my HD be? GUID or MBR? My HD is 40gb, with 2 partitions. Furthermore, is pre-installed EFI is a requirement before installing Leopard? I have 2 versions of Leopard now, Kalyway and ToH, which one is better for my laptop? These are 2 laptops on which I want to install Leopard: 1/ DELL Latitude D600 - SSE2: Pentium M 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, ATI Mobility 9000 VGA card. 2/ DELL Inspiron E1505 - SSE3: Intel Sore Solo 1.86GHz, 1GB RAM, VGA card on-board. One more question, which laptop can use vanilla kernel? I really really need and appreciate any advice for a noob like me. Thank you for reading.