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  1. Just tried out the VoodooHDA internal mic is working, even detected our HDMI digital output!!! i´m impressed.. yet The built-in internal mic "records" my fingersnapping no output on the internal speakers Bad output on the headphones (only the middle port) HDMI detected, yet no output.. and crackling noises =/ needs further testing!
  2. Hey guys, I have found this, and wanted to share with you.. I was reading about the DSDT implementation and it´s effect on the power consumption etc.. Anyways, i was having issues with my system beeing "perfectly" setup and still having crappy batterylife, the solution was rather weird, but it worked (finally)!! and is also worth it and simple to do! So if you also have problems with the high powercomsumption when you are on batterypower try this: 1) install a "retail" with wingurn21´s guide + 132boot, 2) after you system is good and running, get the voodoo kernel 9.5.0 and superhai´s voodopower (not vooodoopowermini) and also fixes for the seatbelt, system.kext etc The actual part with fixing your battery-life: 3) make sure your computer is at normal room temperature (been off for 2 hours or more) then enter bios by pressing F2 and type Fn+Z to reset your cpu´s enviroment temperature (if you have issues with fan running all the time, and also beeing very loud 4) RESET you bios completely (factory reset), this because if you like me have upgraded your bios then the "new" changes haven´t been applyed before you do the factory reset! i know this is not logical in any way, but the fact is that it worked.. I´m almost {censored}ting my pants writing on my "never ending" battery-life xps m1330. This "guide" will only work if you have upgraded your bios to the B15, and should also work with other setups and distroes, but it does require that you have acpi enabled & dsdt.aml loaded feedback would be nice, to see if more people also got their batterylife back
  3. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    try adding the voodookernel, and next time try to boot with -v (verbose mode) so that you can give us concrete information on what´s going on. by adding vooodoo-kernel you also need seatbelt.kext
  4. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Hi wingrunr21, and thanks for a pretty decent guide!! There are a few thing i´m missing. I installed a retail install with a retail 10.5.6 LEo & your 132 boot. everything went as expected and worked fine i then installed the new chameleon 2.0rc1 which also works great The only real question i have is about the battery life. There is only one kext i´ve installed (besides the disabler.kext for applecpumanger) which is Voodoopower.kext for speedstepping my battery life isn´t so good, i´m getting less than 1.30min of batterylife with little/no use this is with a 6 cell battery. I was wondering what to do to maximize my batterylife as i use my laptop for watching movies etc on the train (i also turn of my wifi and display lvl at almost the lowest) still i never manage to fully watch a movie.. ps: it would be nice if you upgraded your guide to include how to install kext on the /Volumes/EFI partition & other important stuff like the DSDT.aml etc. Have a nice day thanks for any reply =) Edit: The ONLY way to burn a .dmg retail dual layer dvd in xp/vista is with PowerISO (imgburn doesn´t work!)
  5. Same results, xps m1330 with dsdt fan at medium, temperature is way to much, untouchable computer!
  6. After the latest major steps forward into creating decent drivers for the much wanted intel wifi adapters we got built in, bought and otherwise own. There has been made a dedicated irc channel to speed things up, get better feeback and overall control over this magnificent progress I figured it would be a better chance to get the logs, Kp-screenshots and improve communication between the creators and supporters. The irc channel is called #intelwifi and is found inside: irc.moofspeak.net if you need a mIRC client get it here: Colloquy for Mac or mIRC for Windows