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  1. My CPU-Cooler is a ZALMAN 9500 with added cage for 1156 sockets, works pretty well. You can do the bios-update anytime, i have no problem with it doing it with a running system. The 300 GB WD Raptor is sweet, today i would eventually go with a 80 GB INTEL SSD instead (only system and apps)..
  2. For all those out there using 8800GTs (or G92-based Videoboards from NVIDIA) and having the (in comparsion to leopard) slight mouselag in 10.6.2 while running iTunes or Quicktime, try this (found elsewhere in this forum): --------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------- for me it works. There is also a disabler.kext (64) on kexts.com to load in your /Extra/Extensions Folder (Rebuild kextcache with kextutil). I didn't try this, but will on next restart. There is also a method to flash the bios of the 8800GT. If you have a 8800GT or G92-based nvidia-board, try to run iTunes and see if there is a slight stuttering or mouselag while moving the cursor. If yes, try the above procedere via terminal.
  3. theotherone

    New i5 rig

    yes, the gtx260 works like a charm, all other components should too, i would recommend a UD2 over the ud3 (because i have it and it works really sweet), but ud3 seems to work too, read all you can find in the links provided above.
  4. theotherone

    New i5 rig

    All you ever need for this is here and here Good Luck and see you there!
  5. InsanelyMac User pm_mickey brought this up on another thread: Is this of relevance or already incorporated in our installs?
  6. It depends: If your work ist front and foremost cpu-intensive, go for a fast cpu (use a i5, it's cheap and faster then a Q9550. If your work is disk-intensive, or you just want a snappy system, then go for a real hardware-raid with 2 or 4 Raptors or SSDs or SAS. I used to had 2 Raptors on a hardware-raidcard from highpoint (600$). Today i have 1 300 GB Raptor with a i5 and i am totally satisfied with it. I now use a cheaper highpoint-card with 4 x 1,5TB WD Green, which is more then enough for my usage. I would highly recommend to go with a modern and cheap p55-board with a i5, at least 4GB RAM, and -if possible a Raptor or a SSD for a startupdrive. Only if you doing highly demanding video i would go with a good raid or sas-card and the corresponding drives (forget this cheapish onboard-softraid).
  7. update: I successfully installed 10.6.2-SL-Server on this beauty. Runs very well. Make sure to install SL-Server this way (Source: this thread): Mount your Server Install Disk. Now to install the server packages. Mount your Server Install DVD and then Cmd+Shift+G in Finder. Type /Volumes/Mac OS X Server Install Disc/System/Installation/Packages to navigate to the individual packages. Install in this order onto your intended partition. Install 5 packages, this time, in this order: a) OSInstall.mpkg b.) ServerEssentials.pkg c) ServerAdminTools.pkg d) ServerSetup.pkg e) QuicktimeStreamingServer.pkg (if you need it) Make sure you have a working internet connection via ethernet before proceeding to install. On reboot via usb stick, set your server up as per normal. ---------------------- After that, install OSX Server combo update 10.6.2 from APPLE. After that, proceed with chameleon and all the files like Michael Glass said in Post #10 in this thread. Happy Serving! ; and again: thanks to the original posters for the work on this nice little board! Question for eugenek or shoarthing: Could we safely use the new chameleon RC4 instead of RC3?
  8. I wouldn't count too much on that numbers. I always look to have at least 100 or better around 200 W Reserve just to get stable power which counts to the overall stability and healthiness of your system, especially with oc. Having a PSU which always running at or near its max-specs stresses not only the parts in the PSU but also in the other components of your system. More often then not the numbers of the PSU-Manufacturers are a bit overoptimistic, so it's good to take this into account too...
  9. If you have a UD2 then sound should work with the files tony recommends. I too got problems at one point, but going back and installing completely new solved the problems forever for me.
  10. Works for me! But Sleep still didn't work. If i try to send my rig to sleep (via Finder) i got a restart. Setting all checkoxes in energy saver and sending the rig to sleep via finder shortly blacks the screen and directly thereafter tells me that i have put in a dvd and asks what i want to do with it (but there is no dvd in the drive). It may have to do with the Highpoint-card with 4x1,5TB WD Green Drives (RAID5, this is where my Homedirectory life's). While not absolutely essential for me, it would be nice to have sleep. Busspeed still gets reported as "533", CPU-Speed is OK now with 2,67. My GeekBench 64 Value is around 7800 without overclocking. Still evaluating if i should go with mild overclocking or if i leave it as is now. With my 300GB VelociRaptor the machine is very responsible now. Should i throw away my PlatformUUID now and delete GraphicsEnabler="Y" (currently i have a 8800GT with 512MB VRAM in my GA-P55M-UD2) ?? Only problem i have is a bit of mouselagging when running itunes or quicktime. Other then that the machine is rock-solid, still have to see my first KP! Many thanks to tonymac, rekursor, bansaku and all who contributed and still working to refine the x86-experience for all of us P55er's! THANKS!
  11. theotherone


    Look@this thread, the best info for p55-boards! Especially the P55M-UD2.
  12. As i have a UD2, i used tonymacs new DSDT, throw out the now unneeded kexts from /Extra, rebuild kextcache and restarted. Restart was OK, without problems. But now i have (like before) no entrys in "Serial ATA" under System-Profiler (But my HDs get recognized and work! USB now gets recognized as built-in. Sleep "seems" to work (my screen went black, how can i control if the rest of the system is sleeping?). Those two yellow HDs in the picture in the middle are a raid-0 from 2 1,5 TB WD green on a RocketRaid 2302 PCIe-card. But my startup-drive, a 300 GB VelociRaptor is now shown yellow too... Sound works as before, Thanks for all the hard work from all who contributed so far!
  13. Look in this Thread. Lots of Information and help there!
  14. Yepp! This thing is really a beauty! Today i'm adding a 10.000RPM 300GB VelociRaptor as Startupdisk. How? - First connect your new StartupDrive to your already running hack (via usb, sata, fw) - Second, make a backup of your previous Startupdrive to the new drive with SuperDuper or CarbonCopy Cloner. - Third, add Efi to the new drive from tonymac's Tools Now - replace the old startupdrive with the new one and set your BIOS accordingly if you didn't take the same sata-port then your old startuppdrive. 300GB is'nt enough for you? Simply set your Userfolder to another drive or partition like i did, here's how: Look in this hint from Mac OSX Hints. So, what you get from this move is: - Superfast booting from a very reliable 300 GB Drive, the fastest on the market. - Room enough for System & programs which need fast booting - maybe you can move your virtual machines also to this fast drive. - Easy Experimentation with new System, or kext-tests etc. without messing with your user-data! Happy Booting!
  15. I too have a gtx 260 (ZOTAC), i tried the same and failed, maybe changing the pins may help, i did'nt try that, i simply used a optical cable which works for me.