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  1. Great news! Sierra Install was successful and boot too on the x230! Problem is i cannot boot it without my usb install drive, i installed clover using all different options but i always end up with "boot0 error" or something like that..
  2. I did my x230 boot drive again, using mbr this time & successfully accessed installer. The reason i sometime got a grey screen instead of clover bootloader appears to be USB 3.0 ports : bootloader appear only if using USB 2.0 port and overall this is very slow (much slower than usb 2.0 is usually). I'm currently on the install process and will update later on. I'm still looking forward for help, especially regarding the Xiaomi!
  3. Hello, the problem with ClaudesTech is that he doesn't really seem to allow talking about nvme on his thread, which is my problem. After i posted, i found out the config plist you mention, however adding the lines to mine doesn't help & i still can't see my ssd after boot.. About x230 : actually i've been on the Bizarro github you mention, and guess what : there's also another one made for macOS Sierra! And just like the El Capitan one, it's a different version than what i have (lastest) : first 10.11.4 instead of 10.11.6 & next 10.12.2 instead of 10.12.3 Anyways, as said in my last, i successfully created a booting drive here it's not my SSD i can't see, nothing shows up in the bootloader, not even the usb drive itself..! I see options, reboot, shutdown, etc.. But no partition is seen so i cannot launch the install.. No idea why it's doing so..? EDIT: Maybe my HackrNVMeFamily-10_12_3.kext is bad too : i can't make it myself since i don't have any 10.12.3 install, i just grabbed it from a github archive i found earlier, can't tell which however, i've been on so many... The user giving direction about dealing with nvme drive said "You should be able to use the .05 release though (maybe even .06). The DSM hasn't always been like this." i'm not sure which (and why..) file from .05 i'm supposed to use, just config.plist?
  4. Have finally made a x230 booting usb install drive BUT the clover bootloader won't see any partition :/
  5. goji

    [Guide] XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    Alright, sorry about that Could you explain (even though i got it you don't support NVMe) what kevin meant in below quote? That'd let me go ahead with the install.
  6. Hello, i got a Thinkpad x230 as well as other units & i'm trying to install macOS on it. I was doing hackintosh back in time (long ago) then stopped totally & now it seems pretty unfamiliar.. Anyway, [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] won't work for me, so i grabbed a InstallMacOSX.command file that do the copy job for me, then i install clover & grab ACPI patched files & config.plist for HD4000 @rehabman but when i boot, i get a weird grey screen asking about boot device, manager, etc.. Leading nowhere.. On the other hand, i'm trying to install macOS on a Xiaomi Notebook Air 13". I successfully made a working boot drive BUT my SSD can't be seen because it's a nvme. Some user explained how to get it work : I have no clue what "simple rename to XDSM clover patch" is, if you could tell me, that'd be great
  7. goji

    [Guide] XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    Alright, how about serial number part? How to access EFI partition after unplug/replug? EDIT: Ok i got my working boot drive & tried to patch for nvme, since i got no M2 drive. After many tries, i ended up with the kext for my version HackrNVMeFamily-10_12_3.kext Put in 10.12 directory, added the aml file to patched folder + edited plist. Yet installer won't see my drive..? EDIT2: Got it. My Sierra VM is 10.2; I need someone to create & upload the kext from a 10.12.3 install. Please UPDATE: Found the kext in that archive https://github.com/xinyuwufei/X1Yoga-Hackintosh testing now... STILL NOT Claude, could you provide links for older filepack (v05, v06..)? I need that to go on. Thanks
  8. goji

    [Guide] XiaoMi Mi Notebook Air 13"

    Been so long i haven't been on this board.. I have this device. Just made bootable USB drive, i see clover interface but no apple logo or anything to boot..? Perhaps it's cause i skipped the "add serial number" part, which i have no idea how to proceed.. And actually, when i typed the given code on terminal (using 10.6.6, only system i got here), i got an error message (segmentation something). So i used the "restore" function of disk utility before installing clover & copying files. Another issue i have is after i unplug/replug the drive, the EFI partition doesn't show up anymore, so i can't change files.. Originally i wanted to do a legacy boot drive but it does not seem possible..?