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  1. Fullscreen or Widescreen?

    hmm i dunno, widescreen is better, but not if its too think if you see what i mean, then its just plain irritating
  2. hmm i wouldn't say the songs are short! besides a song in my opinion neednt be too long..! i thought it was really good, definitely moved on from the first one, but in a good way i think
  3. Logic Studio 8 - Uk Lowest Price

    wow that is good! even better than what apple education store advertises (£289), which is discounted..! i hope amazon's price doesn't rise in the next 6 months... need to save up a bit before i can buy that
  4. good microphone?

    Hey! I'm thinking of getting a (first) microphone soon, to record vocals and also acoustic guitar sometimes. I was advised today to get the SE2200a condenser mic. Have any of you used this before, if so what do you think of it? What other mics would you recommend? My budget is max £130... Look forward to what you think!
  5. hmm i wish i had started listening to the stones a lot more before, although i still do prefer the beatles..! an awesome band is "the king blues", i only discovered them a few weeks ago, they're still 'up n coming' but have been around on the underground circuit for a few years now - definitely worth checking out if you're in the UK some time..!
  6. Universal Audio Plugins

    Garritan Jazz and Big Band works with mac neat plugin too ^^oh and miroslav orchestra as well!
  7. Hiphop plugins?

    Hey! Do you guys know of any good hiphop plugins? When I say hiphop I mean 'classic hiphop' like grandmaster flash, sugarhill gang etc.. I'm particularly in need of nice sounding drum kits / samples At the moment I'm using Battery, but I find the samples they call 'hiphop' are geared too much towards dance and rnb... Thanks for any advice or recommendations!
  8. What`s yours favorite VST ?

    hmm i think either ReFX Vanguard or Linplug Octopus. Come to think of it, I think Octopus takes it away as its more versatile in my opinion i really wanna get nexus, apparently thats amazing