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  1. tmbt

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Hi guys, fast question : is it possibile to reproduce a DRM video (like Netflix) on Safari having a laptop with only an Intel HD620 ? I've tried some WEG boot arguments without success ... Thanks Mattia
  2. tmbt


    Hi, first of all thanks for this new kext because my laptop's battery needed it badly. I successfully compiled it and i'm using it right now. The kext is working because finally using Intel Power Gadget PKG is down to 0.8W as it was when i was using a normal SSD. Before this kext using my new NVME m.2 drive i had 1.8W on idle. But it seems power management doesn't work after wake from sleep because after waking up the laptop power consumption is back to 1.8W on idle. I'm not an expert but if someone could point me on the right direction to solve this issue or better analyze it please let me know. Should i open an issue on github project page ? Thanks Mattia
  3. tmbt

    OpenCore Discussion

    Thank you !! I've compiled it and it solved my power management problem. Before i got 1.8PKG on intel power gadget while now i'm back on 0.8PKG (as was before when i was using a normal SSD)! Thanks to all the devs !! Mattia
  4. tmbt

    Ati graphic card

    Hi, someone is aware if exist a laptop with intel CPU with only discrete ATI video card so that will work natively ? For my job i need a laptop with something more powerfull than an Intel HD Thanks Mattia
  5. tmbt

    OpenCore Discussion

    I will post on this thread because you all seem much informed than the average .. What does it take to implement power management for non native NVME disks ? Do you think is "just" a patch to some kexts or something more complex ? I'm asking around for this feature since when i noticed NVME disk is really more "expensive" for my battery than a normal sata ssd in MacOS but not on Linux or Windows .. Thanks Mattia
  6. tmbt

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hello, just an easy question : The ThirdPartyDrives quirk does something about NVME power managent ? I remember when i had a NVME drive on my laptop power consumption was huge even on idle while on the same laptop using a normal m.2 sata disk the power consumption was as expected. Being a laptop i'm concerned about battery duration Thanks Mattia
  7. tmbt

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hi guys, i'm trying to migrate from clover to opencore but it always hangs during boot (a second or so after selecting the operating system to boot) and i can't understand why. could somebody point me in the right direction ? I'm attaching my OC folder without the kext folder (all the kext are the same i use in clover and anyway they are up to date to the latest version) Thanks Mattia OC.zip
  8. Someone is using this usb lan adaptor after the upgrade to Catalina (was working good OOB in Mojave) I can see it under USB devices in system report but the LAN is not showing in System preferences-> Network ... Is something wrong on my Hack or is just not compatible with Catalina ? Thanks Mattia EDIT : Solved after the upgrade to 10.15.1 beta 2
  9. tmbt

    OpenCore Discussion

    Thanks Pavo for the answer. I saw some examples like the one you've posted here but one thing is too see an example and another is to adapt that example to your need if you don't know how ACPI works. Just to give you an idea : I've an ACPI patch to rename _CRS method for my touchpad so i can return what VoodooI2C wants. Attached you will find a screenshot of 2 patchs i'm using in OpenCore to rename _CRS and SBFG for my touchpad and here is the SSDT i've created to integrate the patches : DefinitionBlock ("", "SSDT", 2, "hack", "TPD0", 0x00000000) { External (_SB_.PCI0.GPI0, DeviceObj) // (from opcode) External (_SB_.PCI0.I2C0.TPD0, DeviceObj) // (from opcode) External (_SB_.PCI0.I2C0.TPD0.SBFB, FieldUnitObj) // (from opcode) External (_SB_.PCI0.I2C0.TPD0.SBFI, FieldUnitObj) // (from opcode) Scope (_SB.PCI0.I2C0.TPD0) { Name (SBFG, ResourceTemplate () { GpioInt (Level, ActiveLow, ExclusiveAndWake, PullDefault, 0x0000, "\\_SB.PCI0.GPI0", 0x00, ResourceConsumer, , ) { // Pin list 0x0000 } }) Method (_CRS, 0, NotSerialized) // _CRS: Current Resource Settings { Return (ConcatenateResTemplate (SBFB, SBFG)) } } Scope (_SB.PCI0.GPI0) { Method (_STA, 0, NotSerialized) // _STA: Status { Return (0x0F) } } Is there a way to do this only with SSDT ? Thanks Mattia
  10. tmbt

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hi Pavo, out of curiosity i gave a look at your EFI.zip and compared with the other one. You just removed most of the ACPI patches from his config but you didn't create any SSDT patch file for the one you've removed from the config. Is it because OpenCore will take care of that patches by itself or the user have to create them later on ? Thanks Mattia
  11. tmbt

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hi, i write again on this thread because i've a problem and i don't understand what is causing it. Since a week now every time i switch on the laptop it does a ram memory test (it takes around 20 seconds) without errors. After that sometimes it says unable to find a boot device, i click on ok the laptop restart and this time it boot succesfully. Usually i would think there is an hardware problem but when the laptop starts i can work on it without issues for hours or even days if i don't switch it off. Not a single crash or kernel panic (and i use it for rendering so i stress it quite a lot). So it seems strange it's an hardware problem. The other thing i've noticed is if i run a Windows 10 live version i've on usb and i switch it off from there i don't have the ram test at boot. So the question is ... Could be something related to OpenCore settings ? Thanks Mattia
  12. tmbt

    OpenCore Discussion

    Ok thanks i will do that way. I tried to change it because in the opencorepkg manual it says that renaming is never a good idea .. so i tried. Thanks again Mattia
  13. tmbt

    OpenCore Discussion

    I'm having a problem when i disable the EC0 to EC rename and i use the SSDT-EC.dsl as suggested. At reboot i can't see the battery icon in the bar (and if i try to activate it again in system preference it stays there only for half a second and disappears again) and i've Kernel task at 30% cpu all the time. Could someone help understand why ? Thanks Mattia
  14. tmbt

    OpenCore Discussion

    Yes it seems the problem was Rehabman version of voodoops2. Now i'm using Acidanthera version and the error is gone : https://github.com/acidanthera/VoodooPS2 Mattia
  15. tmbt

    OpenCore Discussion

    Hi guys, i've performed a major upgrade from an old OpenCore version 0.2 to the new 0.4. While doing that i also upgraded most of my kexts (Lilu, whatervergreen etc). After that i'm having a message while loading the MacOS : Dependency com.apple.iokit.IOHIDSystem fallback to com.apple.iokit.IOHIDSystem succeded. Please fix your kext! It appears while macos is loading on top of the Apple and the loading bar. The system is working as usual but i would like to fix it anyway. Could someone please point me on the right direction ? Thanks Mattia