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  1. I recently swapped my motherboard cause the last one broke down, and everything is working except one thing. After I've used the computer for a while, it'll start to randomly get black screen and then a static picture, almost like when you try to dial in channels on a TV. If I replug the monitor, it starts working again for a random time. I'm using an x99 gigabyte Ultra gaming board, GTX960 graphics card and a 4k samsung TV as a monitor. This is in El capitan 10.11.3 with pixel clock patch. This config was taken from someone who installed on a UD-4 motherboard, so I'm not sure if it's completely compatible? I've attached pictures of the config file and kexts I'm using. Any input would be very appreciated, this is driving me nuts!
  2. Jualk

    Overclocking and SSDT?

    Thanks for the reply! How do I know if my speed step/power management is working as intended though? (I'm not even sure what speed step or power management means) Do I know simply by seeing the cpu reach it's max speed and keeping it consistently when doing for example geekbench? Lastly, do you think I can leave my installation as is without worrying about any damage to my cpu? Again, I'm pretty new to this, so all these terms are making me confused.. Thanks a lot! Seems really complicated for a noob like me, but I'll look into it and try to make sense of it all
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    motherboard for x99

    I personally am using a gigabyte ud7 board, and it's working with all USB ports, onboard bluetooth and LAN. My onboard sound isn't working at the moment, but I'm using a usb sound card anyway so for me it doesn't really matter. If trying a bit it would probably be doable. The only negative thing I can say about the gigabyte board is that the Bios has some flaws, but that seems to be a general problem among x99 boards. That said, I've heard some people say that Asus boards are easier to get going on x99 and are more recommended, but I have no personal experience with them myself so I couldn't say. What made me go for the gigabyte in the end was because I read some horror stories about asus x99 boards getting fried and taking the cpu with them. That is probably an incredibly rare occurrence though, and probably nothing to worry about. Don't know if those problems have been corrected since. I've also heard about MSI boards being successfully used as hackintosh boards, so that would probably work as well. I'd say do some googling and see what suits you best
  4. Hi! I'm fairly new to hackintoshing, and I've just got my x99 5820k up and running with El Capitan 11.3 after a fair amount of tweaking. I've overclocked my cpu to 4.0ghz at 1,2volt in Bios, but this SSDT business is really confusing me. Atm I only use nullcpu kext, do I need to use an ssdt as well? The computer seems to be running fine, but I'm not competent enough to know if the power management is good or if my cpu will be damaged in the long run. I did a geekbench run and print screened the intel power gadget readings, and I attached the file to the post. Also, the config file I'm using is from Lokicat, and his post also included an ssdt that I am not currently using because I'm not sure about how it works. Also included a screenshot of the acpi section of the config. What do you guys think, should I keep going without an ssdt or do I need to get one/edit my config? Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  5. I'm planning to build an x99 hackintosh. The motherboards I'm considering mainly are the Asus x99 Sabertooth or the Gigabyte ud-7 wifi. I've seen some success stories with the Gigabyte board, but the one I'm the most interested in is the Sabertooth, for which I can't seem to find any compatability information about. Has anyone tried Making a hackintosh with the x99 sabertooth or know if it would work? Thanks in advance
  6. Hello! I've been setting up my first hackintosh today, and while the process has been somewhat smooth, I have some problems. I'm running clover as post install, and none of my USB 2.0 ports are working, only the 3.0 ones. Also, my computer won't shut off when I have Nvidia injected for my Gigabyte Gtx460 card. When I use the onboard graphics with intel injection, shutting down and restarting work flawlessly, however the mouse is sluggish and jumpy instead. When using the gtx460 the mouse has been working well for the most part, but lately I've been getting some jumpy behaviour again... Any ideas? My system consists of: Asus p8z77-v Motherboard Intel i7 3770k CPU 16gb Ram kingston Gigabyte gtx460 Graphics card Intel 520 ssd