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    El Capitan 10.11 & R9 290X * 2

    i paste your same config parameters into my conifig.plist,and boot mac 10.10.2 with clover(Revision:3185)+DSDT(Baladi PEGP and HDAU Code),but still black screen。。。。 i'v also tried various ways but can not figure it out! With no inject ATI in config.plist and without DSDT PEGP code,can log in 10.10.2 normally,but the display card name is 8***。。。 Can you help me figure it out? Any files you need,Just let me know,Thanks!
  2. thanks!! i modified my apple id account from NONE to VISA cc,and it worked!! just activated on hacintosh without a login onto ios devices!!
  3. same to U!i have tried to login from my mba,and it worked,but not on my hack,i all try ios device tonight....
  4. i changed the serialNO and hardware uuid of real mac,but it still did not work。。。。
  5. dtcalvin

    A real SB600 .kext/patch, please?

    To knifeyspoony: First,u can mout ur sata hard drive to legacy IDE if ur hard drive type is sata senond try to install mac till u can successfully boot into system,then install this sb600 sata kext OK,enjoy Mac
  6. dtcalvin

    A real SB600 .kext/patch, please?

    definitely! what i am confused is that why i have to press -f to boot or else darwin can not find sb600 sata controller whatever,i have appended -f to com.apple.boot.plist~~
  7. dtcalvin

    GeForce 4 series?

    How about Geforce4 MX440 GO?
  8. dtcalvin

    A real SB600 .kext/patch, please?

    is there anyone kind can answer me? why should i press -f to boot mac or else darwin can not find s-ata controller?
  9. same questions 2~~ i wonder if there is any solutions to solve this problem perfectly? thx in advance~~
  10. dtcalvin

    A real SB600 .kext/patch, please?

    orrrr~~ there is another problem...... when i reboot,mac can not find sata again..... it reminds can not class Appleviaataroot so i enter xp and delete sb600 sata kext and replace them again and reboot then mac can recognize sata again,but still some problems:could not set up diskarb sessions.....try again soon...... for 4 times then displayed quiet.....time out......,finally login into mac -_-b is there any way to deal with this?
  11. dtcalvin

    A real SB600 .kext/patch, please?

    great thanks to all friends above,especially the-negative,blubbbbla,dcat firstly,I downloaded the sb600 sata kext above and replaced it to my extensions,unfortunately it did not work,then i extracted all plugin kext from the ioatafamily.kext and replaced them to my extensions,it worked!!! just amazing! so,thx again for ur effort!