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  1. I used xxx 10.5.6 final + ppf3. but video and wireless will never work. sata and burner do. sound?? not yet here... when things are cheap, results are cheap as well...
  2. KALYWAY 10.5.1 & i845

    I used the second in the list (of two...), the first does not work. Don't ask me the name...And, well, it seems with some hacking you could do it. I would try the following: boot with Kalyway and start System Profiler. There you can see what drivers run (check the Extensions on the left, then search for the video drivers). Then replace those drivers on the Jas DVD. To do that you have to mount the JAS image read/write and replace the file(s), then burn it. The magic in JAS is the bootloader, which is a new one allowing older systems to boot...don't ask me the name again...but maybe you could also do the reverse, replace the kalyway bootloader with the JAS one...but I do not know, that could be a bit complicated. Ok, I went to have a look: it's called Chameleon. I'm almost sure that's the one to make the difference (plus the video driver in your case obviously). read the first post here Try this on boot:debug=0x100
  3. KALYWAY 10.5.1 & i845

    My 8500 has an Ati card (9000), so I don't really know...I could suggest trying to boot with the -x option - that might help if it really is a video problem. You might also have a look here if there are other threads regarding that particular card. The Ati card works, but has no QE (it's a hardware problem, not driver) support. I ordered a Quadro FX go1000 which fits into 8500, so I will have a fully functional 1680x1050 laptop (I already switched wireless with a Dell Truemobile 1450 which has native support). One strange point: you say "loading appears to stop": what do you mean? Did you wait a while to see if it loads? It might be that it's the phase where it passes from the verbose boot mode to the graphical one, and that might take a while also depending on your dvd drive and dvd-rom quality...or burning errors(?). Last thing coming to my mind: the bios. I don't think that matters here, but did you update to the last version? And also check everything looks fine in the bios setup. P.S. Even the Dell audio-volume buttons work (so cool!) good luck, rickx p.p.s. if everything fails, I could sell you the ati card once I've received the replacement...
  4. has anyone tried a "Mac Tablet"?

    Wow, what a poooooost! Lots of interesting infos. I was googling around for a chance to hack the refurbished motion comp. M1300 I have laying around here. There's not much about it here on insanely (nothing) except a few posts about its bigger brother M1400. AFAIK they're almost the same hardware though, so I will try, as soon as I find the time to back up the current xp partition. The original idea when I bought it was using it inside my car, but a 13'' PMP would also be funny - once it has Leo with decent audio and video. One thing I can tell you: there's a small app you can use with Google Earth - there are both for mac and windows - which shows the actual GPS position of a connected GPS mouse on the map. Nothing too complicated. Add to that that you can configure G.E. to have a 2GB maps cache for offline use, that makes an interesting in-car-gps solution. At least that's what I had found out in june when I was planning a long trip. That means: plan your trip, define start and goal etc in G.E. Then configure themap cache big enough, then configure also that cool flying-over-the-route feature and press play while online. If it's too fast it won't have time to completely download the maps, so repeat it 2 or 3 times. Then you're ready to go! bye, rickx
  5. newbie.. help installazione su thinkpad

    beh, ognuno tira acqua al suo mulino...pare. Stiamo dando dei consigli per una macchina intel, giusto? Ebbene, non conoscevo iDeneb, e non ritengo consigliabile iAtkos per esperienza personale: le due versioni che ho scaricato, una era la prima o seconda, l'altra più recente, non riuscivano minimanente a far partire il DVD, riavviando talmente veloce che non era possibile leggere le due righe (verbose) che scriveva. Esperienze migliori le ho fatte con Kaliway. Di Jas per Tiger si parla come della pietra migliare...e tutti attendevano una versione Leopard. Cmq, se mi stai dicendo che le versioni citate hanno il pacchetto server e/o sono 10.5.4..mi giunge nuovo, ma avrai ragione. Ma non facciamo i criticoni per forza se non siamo del tutto disinteressati! Le mie indicazioni per un novellino erano più che buone. (E non infierisco sull'ultimo post che ho appena letto e neanche su "By" che non è un saluto) I DVD sono una specie di Live CD, cioè contengono una versione del sistema operativo speciale. Mentre vedi la meletta, viene caricato. Se premi F8 prima della meletta, c'è un menu dove puoi immettere dei parametri - ma ora non ti serve. Devi trovare per prima cosa una versione che ti parta. La formattazione/partizionam. è una cosa che si fa una volta caricato il sistema - e a quel punto di solito significa che il + è fatto. Quando ti appare un menu avrai delle utilities da scegliere fra cui appunto quella per lavorare su hard disk (&co.). Li basterà scegliere la partizione preparata e partizionarla con HFS+, magari chiamandola MAC o qualcosa che la renda facilmente identificabile. Evita nomi composti da più parole, almeno finchè non hai installato tutto. bye rickx
  6. newbie.. help installazione su thinkpad

    È vero, infatti è la prima versione di Leopard a lasciarsi installare sul mio buon vecchio Dell Inspiron 8500. Non ci si deve scordare di scegliere un kernel perchè non ne scegli uno di default come fanno altri. Per il resto, funziona ed è attualmente la più recente (e l'unica con l'opzione server). Sarebbe più oggiettivo dire che la Kaliway (10.5.2) è la versione più "universale" - magari la prima da provare. Per la lingua, di solito bisogna aggiungere il pacchetto (italian.pkg) in un secondo momento da un DVD di Leopard originale, ovvero completo. Rimane valido il secondo consiglio, di studiarsi il funzionamento delle varie schede sin da ora. ribye, rickx
  7. newbie.. help installazione su thinkpad

    Oppure scaricati qualcosa fatto come si deve: JAS OSX86 10.5.4! E mentre scarichi, cercati i thread riguardanti le varie parti del tuo sistema, cioè audio, rete, video, ...così ti porti avanti col lavoro. bye, rickx
  8. KALYWAY 10.5.1 & i845

    Ok, as it often happens in forums, I answer myself. I was used to an autoselected kernel from other DVDs, so I did not choose any and that was the problem. Then I obviously chose the first one x??something which was the wrong one and at last I chose the only remaining, a 9.2.0... which indeed works! Meanwhile I made some progress. I now have a working system with Callisto (003) as video driver (ATI 9000) allowing me to work with a 1680x1050 screen!! There's no way to activate the advanced video options on this card. For now I'll wait, but I found other video cards to which the i8500 can be upgraded. That would really mean giving a new life to this good old, almost abbandoned pc. Now I'm trying to make the rest work: I already have a nice Battery icon showing the correct values, and the energy saving panel shows all the options, but sleeping does not work yet: well, it goes to sleep, taking quiet a long time, but when it's time to wake up, the screen remains black while the green led says it's awake...I didn't look into that yet. Next there's the PCMCIA controller which is a Texas Instruments - found something here - still have to read & test also. It's really fun when you see the results of this hacking! P.S. After installation it was not so funny. It did not recognize the keyboard and I did not have any usb keyboard around. Only way to copy the right kext onto the hard drive was using my mac in target mode (firewire drive) - other USB drives did not mount anywhere... bye, rickx attaching small present for the drive icon inspn_8500_front.icns.zip
  9. This might work for some strange cases, but not when ps2 does not work and you try to boot the first time. You get the "No keyboard connected, please connect now..." screen and so you are stuck. So that's a similar situation to pcs saying "Keyboard error, press <F1> to continue" and this tip does not help either. I don't have an usb keyboard anywhere, so the options are: go buy one or...ftp. I tried connecting usb drives to get the new version of the kext from there...no success, they don't mount. So the last try I'm left with is ftp. I've put the files on a LAN-drive where I can also access with ftp, and luckily the ethernet card was recognized and *should* work. I guess I could burn a modified version of the dvd adding the missing kexts, but...am I missing an easier way?? bye, rickx Short addition: no ftp support (what is network for during installation??). Solution was using mac in target mode so it becomes a firewire drive and mounts on pc, so you can access/copy files from there.
  10. KALYWAY 10.5.1 & i845

    Hi ashmanmedia, still no success here! It boots from DVD without problems, but the first boot fails immediately, like most older DVDs did. Please give me some more details about your installation options. AppleAC97 Audio and Broadcom are easy to find/select, but intel 8 controller? There are some options under plugins called ich7 to ich9 and ich8 and ich9, plus one generic called ichx or something. And there are various other ichx related packages under chipset and elsewhere. So please would you tell me which exactly you chose? And did you choose any other package or just the 3 mentioned above? Once I'm able to boot somehow, I can figure out the missing or wrong packages, but now I have to start all over each time...so if you can help me once more... bye, rickx
  11. KALYWAY 10.5.1 & i845

    That's great news!! I'll give it a try (the nth try...) and report back. Thanks for the info bye, rickx
  12. Toshiba Satellite Pro A100

    This is not a very useful post. Maybe you should add your specs first of all. And then explain how you succeeded, specially with wireless.
  13. KALYWAY 10.5.1 & i845

    The flat image is the image of a leopard partition which is prepared with all the right kexts etc. Then the modified image is copied to a free disk (or partition) through the unix dd command or its windows port. dd makes a kind of low level copy. this could be a solution. It's what I tried to do...it allows you to start the troubleshooting from an already written installation. But I did not get much further than you. As I said, I'm stuck at the ACPI-thing issue. Next week I should have some time to investigate. If I make any progress, I'll let you know.
  14. KALYWAY 10.5.1 & i845

    Hi. If you try to explain a bit more in detail, maybe I can help...and then do the same if it works Are you trying a new installation with leo4allv2 (which I hear/read for the first time...)? To what point do you come with the installation? And what are the messages, if any? The versions I tried (DVD) didn't work at all. I used the flat image method to install tiger and leo on two partitions of a mbr formatted drive. But the farest I can get is the "using xxx buffer headers ..." message. There is a tutorial here explaining how to resolve it (it should be an ACPI-kext issue). I didn't try that yet, I had no time. The solution should be replacing the leo versions of the kexts involved with those of tiger - probably exactly the ones in JAS you are having success with. But maybe your way is an easier way, so if you answer my questions I'll try to help. bye. p.s. I also hate to "give up"...