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  1. Thank you!!! Once boot was well with IGPU (but it shows in slot-3, not built-in) and restart made KP. TT
  2. Hi, @MaLd0n Long time no see!! Please help me for my new MB's DSDT Send me CJ.zip Here is my file. I tried other's DSDT(The same MB) but it showed lots of ACPI errors in boot log. Thank you in advance!
  3. buyjoey

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Hi, anyone uses LG Ultrafine 5K Monitor with WEG? I am using GC-Alpine TH3 addin card for TH3 connected to my monitor. But when I use the Whatevergreen and Lilu (The latest versions) Display will be separated by two monitors. a Virtual 5K and another 2560x2880 (strange resolution) - I have to use another monitor as primary boot. If I use LG Ultrafine 5K as a primary monitor to boot, it shows me all black!! I am using a 4k monitor + LG 5k monitor. LG Ultrafine 5K using TH3 connection by two dp1.2 ports to the Th3 is blackscreen on the boot with WEG + lilu. But it is working w/o WEG natively. Only the reason I want to use WEG is for iGPU. I want to use iGPU so I have to use WEG. Is there anyway I can fix those two issues with WEG?
  4. Thanks @MaLd0n This one still have PCI but my TB3 back. I am so sorry for your time spending my system to work. I thought it would be easy to fix but I do not want you to spend more time for this. I might use one of your DSDT,. I do not care PCI info anymore. Thank you for your help!! You are the best!
  5. https://www1.zippyshare.com/v/KeMkrjQf/file.html Here we go! Thank you so much!
  6. Good news and Bad news. DP audio working, Shutdown working. But No more PCI info and internal Audio. TT
  7. Hi, No working. I see Whatevergreen and it work for Dp audio but my screen has one more fake screen. So I delete Whatevergreen. And works fine with monitors but no Audio. No shutdown work still. https://www108.zippyshare.com/v/OTtGIVcF/file.html
  8. hi, again! Here is the link https://www66.zippyshare.com/v/3llvvvDy/file.html
  9. Hi, @MaLd0n Thank you for the Files. I swap your Clover to mine and tested it. A few things I wonder so far, 1. shutdown does not work. 2. USB mapping is not correct. You said no SSDT-UIAC but I made it for correct USB mapping. Is there any reason for that? 3. My Dp Audio is not working now. It was working well with our appleALC.kext Grace
  10. Hi, @MaLd0n I hope you have some rest with my Beer present! :)) Thank you for always helping me buddy! So I just updated Bios F6 now. And just I said I have some issue about shutdown with SSDT-TB3 Please see my file. I pushed f4 in clover. So this one is good to go. https://www13.zippyshare.com/v/TUb7L1wR/file.html Thank you!
  11. @MaLd0n Gigabyte released Bios Firmware F6!! Can you help me? When I use SSDT-TB3 from this forum suggest. But the SSDT and your DSDT are having trouble when they work together. When I shut down, and the computer is restarted in 10-20sec later. If I do not use Device->USB uncheck. The computer will restart in 2-3sec later after shutdown. Is there any way I can fix it myself? or Could you help me? SSDT-Alpine-Ridge-TB3.aml DSDT.aml
  12. buyjoey

    ThunderBolt Drivers

    Thank you for a great guide!! I applied SSDT-TB3 and now shutdown function is broken. Sleep/Wake is working fine. Does anyone have this issue? Computer turned off for 2-3sec and restarted itself. I applied 'fixshutdown' or ERP bios setting but not worked. but if I do not use SSDT-TB3, it works well.
  13. Hi, @MaLd0n my friend. Could you make DSDT for me that actually working in my PCI implement correctly? I've used someone's DSDT and it is not very corrected to show my PCI devices. I already patched USB with SSDT. I am so proud of my self :)) I know you are so busy but if you have you have some time could you do that for me? I tried to do that with SSDT but it is so hard. I made some progress to show up some of PCI but not all. And I am so much burnt TT need some refresh. And I remembered your last DSDT was awesome! I want to learn it from you. You are the most generous guy ever!! Thank you! buyjoeRunme.zip
  14. Just use Plugin type =True Check in ACPI no more SSDT-CPUPM after howswell