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  1. Hi I just recently purcahsed a HP Pavilion dv9260nr laptop, and it comes with 2 hard drives with 120 GB each. The problem is I installed Kalaways 10.5.1 on my secondary hard drive, since my primary one is already preinstalled with Vista Ultimate 64 bit. I formated my secondary partition as GUID and the install went fine. However after installation, the computer reboots and loads Vista directly without giving me a choice to select my OS. Is it because GUID and MBR don't work together and I should format the secondary HD as MBR instead? I don't think a bootloader would work because its for 1 hard drive seperated into partitions. Need some advice, just started diong this. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am using ASUS STRIKER EXTREME 680i Motherboard, Quad Core 6600 2.4 Ghz Go Stepping,500 GB WD SATA, 2 GB KINGSTON RAM 667 mhz, and Mac Leopard Toh RC2 10.5.1 for Intel. I am having problems with Disk Utility. Leopard either freezes on Creating Partition Map. There is no ACHI option in Bios either which I can switch either. I believe this is mainly a hard drive issue. Help is much appreciated! TY!
  3. My prepatched ToH RC2 Leopard is unable to find my ethernet because I can't find the proper kext or driver for it. I searched everywhere on google and on this forum but it seems that noone has the solution. So in conclusion does that mean that the Intel 82562V is incompatiable or not supported or am I missing something here?
  4. I kept having trouble trying to get leopard to detect my ethernet port, which I didn't know what specific intel ethernet card was in my pc till now. The problem is I can't find any guides or drivers that provides support for the Intel 82562V, any suggestions or is it incompatible?
  5. I recently installed Leopard using the prepatched ToH RC2 disc. I have applied the PostPatch which installed my graphic,sound and all other drivers perfectly, however it is still unable to detect my ethernet port. The cable modem connected with my NETGEAR router is currently attached to another computer which is my dads laptop, and all I have is the ethernet cable which I plugged in my ethernet port on the back of my computer. I don't remember what kind of chipset I have but it is definitely intel prob intel pro 100/ve. I have also done the patch for the intel 100 but it still failed to detect my port. Now I can't go on the internet and theres not much I can do at this point. Any suggestions? Thanks