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  1. @hackintosh@

    Skylake, r9380 - intel 530 can’t go boot screen

    Hi, how can fix this panic
  2. @hackintosh@

    Intel HD 520 not working fully

    I'm noob, i not certainly help you. But you can try in booting with clover with flags: InjectATI + InjectDeInit ( and checked FakeID: 0x19120001 ) + InjectIntel ( and checked FakeID: 0x19120001 ).
  3. I had installed catalina from usb to hdd. After i restart computer and boot for íntall, it run to apple logo and stop here. 6700k, g7 z170x, intel hd 530 and amd r9380. what can i do? i boot with amd r9380. image with some text is boot with intel 530 image with apple logo is boot with amd i have plugin both port, dp and hdmi
  4. Hi there. I create a fresh usb ( high sierra from vmware ). Using Clover 4411. While boot into clover, it stop at ++++++++ and restart my computer. How can i fixed that ? The picture is the kext which i put into other folder. My computer: i7-6700k gigabyte gaming g7 z170 amd r9380 tks
  5. @hackintosh@

    10.13 error while go to boot screen install macos

    Sorry, i updated my hardware in signature.
  6. Like topic title, i don't know exactly what's the problem here. Please see my picture and help me if you can. Tks
  7. Me too. Stuck at Kext stall [0] (240s) APPLEACPICUP. White screen and no other showing. And If i formatted ssd to APFS, i don't see any partition to setup macos.
  8. I changed to this CLOVER and installed OK. Can i changed DSDT.aml ( MaLd0n ) and DSDT.aml ( cyberdevs ) when i in clover ? Because i installed macOS with DSDT.aml of cyberdevs. I don't know how to use DSDT.aml of MaLd0n. Sorry for bad english. Hope you understand what i say.
  9. It can boot to bootscreen and setup ( with AMD R9380 card ) . But can't see my ssd and hdd on Disk Utility for Erease.
  10. Hi @MaLd0n I uploaded all my files. Can you patch for me ? My computer is: Cpu: Skylake i7-6700k Mainboard: Gigabyte gaming G7 z170x Vga: AMD R9380 Sorry, my english is limited. michaelanhvu.zip
  11. Hi everybody. I installed macOS Sierra on my computer but have a problem with Intel HD Graphics 530 with this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfN92D8JlAI Error at boot screen and In desktop, top left corner have a black color. How can i fix it ? Tks.
  12. @hackintosh@

    Gigabyte Z170X - Gaming 7 - Success Hackintosh

    It's working. Usb 3.0, Sleep, Shutdown, Restart and Audio. Tks u. My Graphics Intel Hd Graphics 530 and AMD R9 380. Can you patch this ? Intel HD Graphics 530 auto receive to Intel Hd Graphics 7000. But i boots with IGFX and after login, i switch it to PCI. I thinks it need patched, but i can't.