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  1. D-Link Shareport for Mac

    ### SOLVED #### Turns out that I did have the same issue as 'gclev3' and his steps worked to solve my issue. Here are some extra details. The SharePortUtility_10_X.pkg are just wrappers for the other packages in dir655_macos_shareport_utility_101/SharePortUtility/SharePortUtility/contained_packages. The package that was actually throwing the error was "Silex_kext.pkg" and if you run that package directly you get a similar error message to the one mentioned in my original post but it says "the following install step failed: run preinstall script for Silex Kext Installer". Running the Silex_kext.pkg that is part of the Belkin install that gclev3 linked to worked and after a reboot (and a message from OS X stating that it was doing something with some cache files needed for boot... which was a little scary) SharePort Utility worked first try! Previous to getting the Silex Kext installed SharePort would fail to connect every device I tried to connect including a USB drive, iPod Shuffle, and an HP All-In-One (MFP). It would see the devices but would give some kind of connection failed message. Now it all works great! THANKS gclev3!!!! Ps, another indicator that there was a problem with Silex Kext was that the 'About' screen for SharePort showed "SXUPTP Driver : x.x.x" but now it shows "SXUPTP Driver : 1.3.0"
  2. D-Link Shareport for Mac

    I have a mixture of the last two mentioned install issues. I am running OS X 10.5 on a last gen white Macbook (Intel processor) and if I try to install using the Cosetup.app it bounces in the dock a couple times then closes without any errors. Never starts the install. If I attempt the install manually be running the "SharePortUtility_10_4.mpkg" install it fails with the following error right after starting the install process (install screen with the progress bar) "the following install step failed: run preinstall script for SharePort Utilty". HOWEVER, the application IS in the Applications folder and does seem to launch fine. I have not yet tried a reboot and I am not currently at home so I have no idea if it will communicate with the router properly or not, but the app is there and it opens fine and I can click around in the options without a problem. Will post an update when I have one (if I remember )