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  1. Recommendation for which osx distro for a sony vaio sr laptop?: Doing a bit of research of which version of osx to use for a vaio sr laptop, main components that may cause trouble with install or missing driver support, but I can work on that later, just want to know which distro would be best for my laptop -Has a intel 5100 agn card (i know it will require a bit of tweaking to get this working) - Ati 4570 card -High Definition audio device So guys what do you recommend? Last distro I used was ToH so I am a bit behind with current times. thx for any guidance
  2. bumping: we still haven't got a reply since May
  3. Aggg45

    OSX86 on Intel P45 chipset?

    I download the bios flash, but everyone here is using kalway - I'm still on LeoTOH ((which runs perfectly on my lappy)) should I move to kalway for this???
  4. Aggg45

    EFiX: OSx86 gone commercial?

    okey dokey.... Usb comes out which is useful for the people who actually own a legit disc (me!) whichl installs OSX and the future updates, it it will not fix drivers issues which I presume Apple may have slight problems here if the average joe can buy a pc and gets this fickle USB a leopard disc and be able to do this, Apple will then have to pull the plug and do either one of these things - bring the lawyers round for tea - mac future updates not compatible with the usb (Efix has not stated if the usb will be updated for future updates that may occur if this happens) - apple finally gives in and retails leopard for pc's at 3x the original price PS: TBH I don't mind a usb sticking out of my computer for mac
  5. ok... so the general build will be: CPU: Q6600 (I know it's old but oc to 3.2ghz) Ram: DDR2 800mhz Corsair TwinX XMS2 2x1GB Motherboard: Asus P5Q-E 1600fsb harddrive: 250 GB Samsung HD250HJ Spinpoint PSU: 650W TX Corsair PSU DVD Drive: Asus DRW-2014L1 20x DVD±R Case: Coolermaster Centurion 5 case Graphics Card: 8800gt pny 512mb graphcis card 3.5 Drive: floppy + card reader +++ extra fans 120mm+80mm+ PCI fan what do you think? it will run XP MCE, Linux Opensuse/Ubuntu and maybe I might run Leopard (I already have it on my lappy and I don't use it that much)
  6. I am going to buy a Asus p5q, this board is currently very new (not out yet) based on the P45 boards - no info can be found if it runs OSX I would like to know how well asus motherboard work in OSX in general, if you know or have one please tell me your experience specs: http://www.cpu3d.com/index.php?option=com_...=54&limit=1 in terms of my skill level - I am fairly experienced in installing OSX and don't mind patching things up audio/video I currently have a hackintosh laptop quad booted with EasyBCD.
  7. Aggg45

    Tiger on EeePC (Full Guide)

    interesting (shame I didn't buy one) I'm guessing the motheboard is the same in new 10 inch models? if so )) I might trade in my dell latittude for one of those. I'm guessing wifi is working out of the box but not internal headphone jack ??? and what about sleep/waking up ???
  8. Aggg45

    Lost my Vista partition and want it back

    in the windows vista install disk (when you booot it up) look for repair vista (bottom-right hand corner) you shuld get vista back once you have done that you do have the install disk right??
  9. Aggg45

    Fastest Linux Boot time ? which distro?

    thanx everyone will take this info gonna try all these methods in a few weeks and post which one was the fastest one for me, please post anymore that you know of
  10. Aggg45

    Quad Boot?

    windows 2000 and xp have very little difference in boot time IMO if you really want to increase OS speed RAID is the way to go, tweaking the bios helps and disabling other devices at startup helps also limiting the number of start-up apps... or if your a real speed freak get a igabyte I-Ram (ram storage) other than that quadboot is very feasible (long but can be done) expect the installation to quite tedious (recommend watching a long film while doing this)
  11. so just make leopard partition active again and then restore vista bootloader again ???
  12. Aggg45

    Quad Boot?

    now your just getting cocky why would you need 3 window OS's - XP mainly does it all, if you was going to pent Boot I would go for a very small linux distro which boots very fast example* quick Internet for acsess on the go - DSL comes to mind Thanks
  13. Aggg45

    Quad Boot?

    -vista first, make partiton for mac -then mac install - get vista install disk - click repair - download Easy BCD add mac partition you can do xp or linux, just make sure you go back to easy bcd after each one to restore bootloader and add the next OS here's mine:
  14. The vista bootloader is ok, I just want it to automatically load leopard when I select it but as you can see from the screenshots I have a timer which I press a key to enter the os's which are available and then have to select the mac partition it would be more simple if I could automatically boot it instead of doing that extra step I modified the com.apple.boot.plist which has -legacy and a timer set to 10 is there any way of doing this???
  15. Aggg45

    Fastest Linux Boot time ? which distro?

    yeah I heard about that I think asus has done something with one of there boards which boots into linux in 5 secs, but how safe is it? would I be able to restore my bios from scratch or would it stay that way forever? I would be willing to try it out if I knew I could get my bios back btw: how long does damnsmalllinux or puppylinux take to boot if installed on a harddrive ?