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  1. First and foremost, thanks for this! This is really great. I have a request: Is there a way you can update the .cpp to plug in the Model Name and Model Identifier as you can with the serial and mem info? I'm running into the same thing as a few of the others with my system now showing as a 'Mac' instead of Mac Pro after updating from 10.5.0 -> 10.5.4. Cheers, M
  2. Weaksauce, sorry to hear about the probs your having. Yeah man, I'm getting a bit suspicious of SMBIO27 as I got two kernel panics last night for the first time ever. Things seemed to be ok with the netkas smbio so I might revert to that. Also after changing to the v27 some of my authorized apps became unauthorized (not really a surprise there). Alright Alamoa! Congrats. I can seriously relate to the joy of resolving a hackpro issue
  3. Thanks. 1. I have not seen that on my rig. 2. Seems to be solid over here. No error (BTW, thanks for pointing us to that app, I purchased a license last week) 3. I haven't yet. Not that this helps your question specifically, but I am using a BYTECC 2+1 Ports PCIe Firewire 1394a Card Model BT-PE1394 with a FW audio interface tht sleeps and wakes NP. -M
  4. Downloads seem to have been maxed out for free accounts. I added a new link for additional downloads : UUID fix
  5. Doh! I even replied to that thread. Thanks man. So the one thing I'm not clear on (and I've been trying to do my homework on the netkas forum) is this: So I use the UUIDfixer Boot.plist, but is that for Ethernet only? Would I then add my graphics string to my Boot.plist? On the netkas forums I've seen a Boot.plist discussed with a hex string, but then additional plist files like a NetworkInterfaces.plist? Ditto for Audio. Thanks again, man, for all the efforts and knowledge in this thread! -M
  6. Say, Weaksauce? I'm being a little lazy ATM, do you have the IONetworkingFamily string handy you could post? TIA -M
  7. Heya 'Sauce I've had success with GUID EFI 8 using the osx86scene forum guide by iGuru (thanks iGuru) http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2520 Following steps 1 thru 10 to install EFI 7, then rebooting, an applying efi 8: Start with a HFS+ formated USB flash drive named "bootloader" which contains the pc_efi_v80 folder and all included files 1. Well, you'll need to get the bootloader first, which you can grab at irc.osx86.hu #Leopard - checkout the topic for the current download link. Got the files? Great. Extract them to your desktop. 2. Now, plug in that HFS+ Formatted USB stick, and copy the "pc_efi_v80" (in this case - newer versions may have a different folder name, so substitute the name if that is the case) folder to your USB stick. 3. OK, now you have a folder called "pc_efi_v80" on your USB stick? Good good... pop in your Tiger/Leo install DVD, and reboot! 4. Boot up the Install DVD, when you get to the install screen, select Terminal from the Utilities menu. 5. Type the following: diskutil list And take note of your OS X partition identifier... this is an example of what you should see. CODE: /dev/disk0 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: FDisk_partition_scheme *149.1 Gi disk0 1: Windows_NTFS Windows XP 49.0 Gi disk0s1 2: Apple_HFS Leopard 100.0 Gi disk0s3 /dev/disk1 #: TYPE NAME SIZE IDENTIFIER 0: FDisk_partition_scheme *969.8 Mi disk1 1: Apple_HFS bootloader 969.6 Mi disk1s1 So in my case, my partition identifier is disk0s3. 6. Unmount your OS X parition by typing the following: CODE: diskutil unmount disk0s3 Note: Substitute the 0 and 3 for the correct identifier numbers for your OS X partition, as shown in your diskutil list. 7. Change directory to the pc_efi_v80 folder by typing the following: CODE: cd /Volumes/bootloader/pc_efi_v80 *********8. Type the following:************ YOU MUST INSTALL V7 FIRST ./startupfiletool /dev/disk0s3 ./boot_v7 9. CODE: dd if=./guid/boot1h of=/dev/disk0s3 bs=512 count=1 10. CODE: dd if=./guid/boot0 of=/dev/disk0 bs=400 count=1 Repeat steps 1 - 8 , using PC EFI v8 this time (./startupfiletool /dev/disk0s3 ./boot_v8) Reboot, verify PCEFI installation, install 10.5.0 vanilla retail from a Kalyway install on an alternate drive I then applied the 10.5.1 update (Retail, not kalyway), Next the 10.5.2 update (retail, not Kalyway) used the info from the =-Devin-= / netkas tutorial: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=87078 I'm also using the the new macdotnub SMBIOS-7 with the MacPro branded info (yeah!!!!! no more Hack.int.0sh in my System Profiler - Hardware section). Sleep / wakeup, reboot, etc all good so far. @ Leoopardoo, thanks for the reply. I'll have to look more into that. i didn't realize you can plugin network info to, I am using the graphics string for my video and it seems to be good. -M
  8. Hi Leoopardoo, Could you explain your attached files (where they need to be installed, what file dependencies they have, etc.) and how you were able to compile them? Also, if you wouldn't mind, what .kext's are you using that are not vanilla in your system? Thanks in advance. -M
  9. Hi Long Time Listen, Good to see you had success and thanks for posting this great guide. -M
  10. Hi Weaksauce12 Thanks for all the effort in the guides, posts, and testing you have been doing. Much appreciated! -M
  11. Hi Long Time' I wish I was in BKK. I'm in the US (Boston, MA). What province are you from? BTW, looks as though you have a really nice setup for your new box. -M
  12. Sawadee krup, Long Time Listen... Good luck! It's been about an 8 week journey for me parsing all this info from here and a few other boards as well as a bunch of trial and error (and accidentally formatting and loosing a ton of data (oops)). I think I finally am where I need to be as far as putting all this together. -M
  13. Hi Weaksauce12 Just wanted to say thanks for this. Your guide is fantastic. I'm up and running with Logic Pro 8 using a FW audio interface. Great performance, latency, etc. This thing totally crushes my PPC (no wonder there). I'm not OC'ing yet, but sure I will want to give it a shot at some point. -M