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  1. alc662 and 10.6.3

    Hello. I have the Intel DG41RQ w/alc662 and 10.6.4 but no sound. There is a solution to this ? Thank you ! MWTB-DLTR.
  2. SL KP on boot Intel DG31PR

    Regarding the SATA ports (DG31PR), if you put Automatic Mode: Disable, Use Serial ATA: Enable, and ATA/IDE Mode Legacy, you have all 4 ports working (but you loose the 2 IDE ports). I my case with Leopard, I have all IDE & SATA ports working. Can we use some ketxs from Leo to solve this problem in SL ? Thank you, MWTB-DLTR.
  3. Hello. I install the kexts but I only have output sound, no mic (but in input says Name:None Type:Built-in Microphone and Name:Digital In Type:Built-in Digital Input). Can you help me please ? (DG31PR). Thank you. MWTB-DLTR.
  4. SL KP on boot Intel DG31PR

    obrigado my friend ! That post has the solution ! MWTB-DLTR.
  5. SL KP on boot Intel DG31PR

    Can you help me with this ? I make the bootable partition but I got this error : This is my hardware : Mother Intel DG31PR Inter Core 2 Duo 8200 GeoForce 9600 GT Thank you ! MWTB-DLTR.
  6. [How To] Intel DG35EC Guide

    Hello. Can anyone tell me if the firewire port of this motherboard work ? Thank you ! MWTB-DLTR.
  7. Schweppes, GRACIAS MAESTRO !!! Todo funcionando como antes !, Booteo, reconoce video enseguida, funciona USB y iTunes detecta iPhone. No quería utilizar el kernel Kalyway porque mi instalación es ToH, pero que más da, estoy feliz !. MIIIILLL Gracias !. MWTB-DLTR.
  8. Hola. Actualicé la versión ToH 10.5.1 (funcionando ok) a 10.5.2 con el KalywayIntelCombo10.5.2. Luego instalé el kernel ToH (9.2.0 Darwin Kernel Version 9.2.0: Thu Feb 14 17:30:26 SCT 2008; made by ToH:xnu-1228/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386 i386). Reparé permisos. Pero ahora tengo dos problemas: El inicio tarda más de 4 minutos, al minuto 3, se apaga mi monitor, y un minuto después se enciende y bootea normalmente. Otra cosa que perdí (parcialmente creo) es el funcionamiento de mis puertos USB. Solo detecta mi mouse, pero no memorias o mi iPhone. Aclaro que actualicé iTunes a 7.6.1. Me podrían ayudar por favor ? Esta es mi configuración : Asus P4S8X-MX Intel P4 3 ghz Chipset SiS 661GX - SiS 964 Video Nvidia FX5200 Gracias ! MWTB-DLTR-
  9. Cmedia 8738

    Thanks Blagec for the file and thanks coccolino_dbro to try it in 10.4.10. I have sound with this file and method in 10.4.9 and 10.4.10 (without recompiled). I use a PCI 5.1 ch card with CMI8738 (the one w/2 outputs). Thank you all !!! MWTB-DLTR.