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  1. use ssdt_clickpad. this issue will be solved you can use 3 finger drag to move window
  2. Hi @CMMChris. I compare your kext with ATY, Adder. I see it lacks DalEarlyTps1Pattern and PP_DisableDIDT. Can you explain why we don't use them? Thanks
  3. Can you use a thunderbolt port?
  5. change to SSDT-ClickPad. and you missing patch mutex. I saw only one patch in config.plist. And I see you can delete some ssdt because it isn't necessary
  6. SSDT-ThinkPad_TrackPad just uses for old the Thinkpad (<Haswell). In SSDT-SMBU, you must change _SB_.PCI0.SMBU to _SB_.PCI0.SBUS for loading. You can check ioreg for that
  7. I see something wrong with your EFI.
  8. Can you share your EFI with latest version? thanks
  9. new version voodoops2.kext can use print scr hotkey to disable trackpad
  10. I think 2.0.3 is the best version at this time because 2.1.1 still have a bug with touchpad, sometimes it doesn't move
  11. Missing a VoodooInput, it combines with voodoops2 from version 2.1.0
  12. SDcard is maybe native on 10.15.1. I just remove sdcard.kext and it still work good
  13. I have issue with the Capslock's light with lastest version voodoops2. How you use sd card reader without kext? thanks
  14. pure.wisdom

    [Pre-Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.2

    Did you check nvram yet?
  15. pure.wisdom

    [Release] macOS Catalina 10.15.1

    yes sir we need that boot parameter with OpenCore