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  1. Nimish77

    ALC662v2 not working

    I have tried many patched kexts but none of them worked. config.plist : https://drive.google...TDdkSU1xRlBCcGM dsdt.aml : https://drive.google...ZGxMZWhFR3BxWGs ioreg.ioreg: https://drive.google...bVJYeEF6UF9temM codec dump: https://drive.google...Uk43UkZLVFFMbWM Can someone give me complete step by step guide to make my audio work? Found the fix finally, I simply installed voodoohda and applehdadisabler with kext utility which I found on some other site and attached them to this post. VoodooHDA.kext.zip Kext Utility.app.zip AppleHDADisabler.kext.zip
  2. Nimish77

    Audio problem in ALC662

    I did it all again after a fresh install and this time it booted up but my audio is still not there, audio preferemces show no output devices found ?
  3. Firstly i had uefi boot enabled and legacy boot disabled and after rebooting with the usb containing windows 10, my computer made a sound like beep and then got stuck at the startup screen. Then i enabled legacy mode and disabled uefi and then i installed windows in the other partition then after enabling uefi and disabling legacy again, in clover when i click the windows option, it shows me what is in the ss. So with uefi emabled, my el capitan woupd start and with legacy enabled windows would start, cant both be in UEFI?How to fix this.
  4. Nimish77

    El capitan error during installation

    Thx it worked ?
  5. When i try installing el capitan, the installer shows, os x could not be installed on your computer. Couldn't attach disk image.
  6. Nimish77

    Completely stuck

    I had el capitan installed 10.11 and i installed audio kexts through some kext utility and after rebooting, the apple logo came and the loading displayed but then suddenly a black screen with some error shown as in ss comes up for a second and then disappears and then reboots and this keeps happening. When i try to boot from the usb with el capitan then ot shows a complete whote screen. I am completely stuck and i need help on fixing this somehow.
  7. Nimish77

    Audio problem in ALC662

    Yes i am using El capitan. This problem is after installing the hdaenabler and applehda
  8. Nimish77

    Audio problem in ALC662

    I did as you instructed but now my computer isnt starting, it shows the apple logo and then the screen appears as shown in the ss and then reboots and keeps showing me that. How to fix this.When i try booting with usb woth the el capitan, it shows a white screen with moving beachball...
  9. Nimish77

    Audio problem in ALC662

    My motherboard is DZ75ML-45K and my processor is intel i3-3210. I installed hdaenabler in the hdaenabler7 folder of mironeaudio and applehda of the folder full patched applehda and rebooted but no change.
  10. Nimish77

    Audio problem in ALC662

    i dont have applehda and hdaenabler. which one to use
  11. Nimish77

    Audio problem in ALC662

    I dont understand what next do i have to do, the patcher showed this: Choosen codec is Realteck ALC 662 Checking 16 range comparisons between 11d41984 and 10ec0662 Found range comparison 10ec0885 Found range comparison 11d41983 2 codec range comparison(s) to patch config.plist created and copied to ~/Desktop/MironeAudio/! HDAEnabler.kext created with layout-id 7! Zeroing 10ec0885 codec occurrences 1 of 2 expected patched! occurrences 2 of 2 expected patched! Zeroing 11d41983 codec occurrences 1 of 2 expected patched! occurrences 2 of 2 expected patched! Patching 11d41984 with 10ec0662 codec occurrences 1 of 2 expected patched! occurrences 2 of 2 expected patched! AppleHDA binary succesfully patched! layout5.xml.zlib patched! layout7.xml.zlib patched! layout9.xml.zlib patched! Platforms.xml.zlib patched! AppleHDAHardwareConfigDriver.kext/Contents/Info.plist patched! AppleHDA.kext copied to ~/Desktop/MironeAudio/! aDummyHDA.kext generated successfully (copied to ~/Desktop/MironeAudio/)! Mirone use layout-id 3 for laptop's codecs, Instead for Desktop's codecs: layout-id 5 for 3 ports supported (Pink, Green, Blue). layout-id 7 for 5/6 ports supported (Grey, Black, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue). layout-id 9 for 5/6 ports supported (Grey, Black, Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, CodecAddress: 2). Use that to activate AppleHDA.kext using DSDT.aml, HDAEnabler.kext, Clover patches or Enoch embedded HDAEnabler! Targhet AppleHDA.kext reset to /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.kext. For further sessions, drag your vanilla kext to patch for specific version!
  12. Nimish77

    Audio problem in ALC662

    I am new to hackintosh and after trying out every possible fix for making sound work in ALC662, I am not able to fix it. I am on el capitan 10.11. If anyone can give me a modified kext and tell me which way exactly should i follow to install it, then it would be great.