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  1. Nice ls8. I did the same then: replace AppleSMBios, install dsmos, and removed AppleEFIRuntime. But, mine freezes on boot with the little red X through the middle of the screen. I'll go home and play a little with it tonight and see what's making it crash. Will -v at the F8 menu show me why it's crashing on boot? Oh and the flat file install I did of Leopard had my X1900XT working but only at 1024x768 as it thought that's all my display could do. How do you fix that one? Thanks everyone for figuring out these cool tricks to simplify the Leopard PC install!
  2. Hey, I got almost done with your method but had one question. At the end you say you deleted the InteEFI.kext file, but I didn't find that file in the extensions folder. The only one I found was AppleEFIRuntime.kext, but deleting it makes it hang on bootup. I had no problem with the dsmos or SMBios kexts though. I haven't tried putting the AppleEFIRuntime.kext file back to see if it'll boot just fine, I'll do that tonight when I get home. If I don't need to worry about the InteEFI kext file then I just need to know. If I get this question answered then I'll have successfully completed it your way and I can post more detailed instructions for everyone as that seems to be needed.