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  1. offtop: any news about netkas' pc efi 9 sources?
  2. Sigmatel 9271 (STAC9271) driver

    I have the same config (excluding bios and video) and all works fine. Possible source of your problems (as I can imagine) is an additional kexts you've added to your system or an interrupt controller conflict. I don't know what kexts you've added, but in case of APIC problem in any case just remove "APIC" device from your dsdt as I described here. I can recommend this dsdt trick to all owners of intel mb's. I hope it helps you.
  3. Agree. It could be much better if someone fixes fsb detection like it done in smbiosresolver or in other injectors.
  4. Sigmatel 9271 (STAC9271) driver

    What motherboard and what system do you have?
  5. Sigmatel 9271 (STAC9271) driver

    Here is a multichannel audio driver for STAC9271D with pinconfig for Intel DP35DP. All inputs and outputs (except digital out, cause it useless for me) are working: 3 rear stereo speaker outputs (green, orange and black), front headfones, rear and front microphones, rear line input. Don't forget to remove previous HDAEnabler.kext or change layout-id to 1 if you use DSDT HDA hack. This driver worked fine for me last couple of months and now I decided to share it with others. Pin-Config issue: I've calculated pinconfig twice: from linux dump and from vista registry. Both times it was the same, but still it shows wrong info in system profiler, though without lack of functionality. If anybody have some thoughts about it, tell me if I wrong. P.S. if you want to use mutichannel audio (like 5.1) just follow this instruction from apple to create aggregate audio. It works fine! STAC9271D_by_caine.zip
  6. @dingguijin And it could be much better if you share the sources of driver. Maybe thus someone can complete this work and add some absent features like powermanagement etc
  7. куда делся applelife.ru Трюк с hosts не работает (уже давно делал так, когда у applelife были проблемы с днс). На тот же сервер ,кстати, указывают и прочие сайты типа applelife.org, apple-life.org. Домен проплачен с октября 2006 по октябрь 2009, так что вариант с перерегистрацией и кражей точно отпадает. История с deepapple (точнее, deepstore) и прочими связана в первую очередь с их коммерческой деятельностью и продукцией apple, дабы не конкурировали с applestore russia (продающей в россии на данный момент только айфоны), так что этот вариант тоже не годится. Я думаю, что проблемы именно на серваке (вероятно, накрылись виртуальные хосты). Очень хочется узнать официальную позицию администрации.
  8. Problem finally solved! All interrupt troubles goes from two copies of APIC - interrupt controller. One is declared in dsdt as PNP0003 device, but AppleAPIC.kext does not recognized it as apic. Second is matched with "io-apic" property and works with kext (see picture). Both uses the same memory area - 0xFEC00000 in my case and seems like conflicts this way. I've removed APIC device code from dsdt and got rid of all the troubles with USB and sound distortions so AppleLPC.kext, AppleHPET.kext and AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext works fine in 10.5.6. Device (APIC) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("PNP0003")) Name (_CRS, ResourceTemplate () { Memory32Fixed (ReadOnly, 0xFEC00000, // Address Base 0x00000100, // Address Length ) }) }
  9. куда делся applelife.ru

    Днс по-прежнему указывает на тот же ip, что и раньше, так что домен, imho, никто не крал. А вот сервак, судя по "Index of /" просто пуст. У кого-нить есть контакты с администрацией? Хотелось бы узнать официальную инфу.
  10. 9600GT 10.5.6 Resolution Switching issue!

    Looks like you have misconfigured NVCAP (use search). First of all try to use another DVI head to connect your monitor.
  11. Were Back !

    Almost all modern Intel Motherboards, not only Bad Axe 2 has EFI support and not only in custom bioses:). Here is the pic of my Intel DP35DP's boot options screen: And it works!
  12. he-he:) it doubles my cpu freq. and multiplier too:
  13. Intel HDA Audio Codec STA9274D

    A driver for 9271D with rear mic support (rear only, simulateous rear and front mics are impossible at this time as said AlainTox714) and partial support of system profiler info. Test, please. STAC9271D.zip If anybody needs an additional stereo output througt an orange or black jack - write about it.
  14. Intel HDA Audio Codec STA9274D

    He-he, but looks like it (rear mic) works!!!!! Only by editing plist file:). Test, please (this one is for 9271D, but you can adopt it to your codec comparing info.plist file with yours). AppleHDA.kext.zip.