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  1. schwartz

    U.S. Army makes the switch to Apple

    ^ i agree with this statement, but creating a whole os seems like a bit overkill. interesting article tho!
  2. remember when microsoft slowed down all web browsers on its microsoft.com page? (besides internet explorer of course!). looks like apple is more like microsoft then we thot!
  3. schwartz

    Is there a way to change my mac's serial #?

    if your computer is stolen or u want to fix a computer under someone elses warranty maybe
  4. schwartz

    do you do drugs?

    are you talking about ketamine? if so you could vote for psychadleic but technically its a discociative. not a suprise to see weed is the most popular choice damn i want to get high now...
  5. schwartz

    do you do drugs?

    i myself smoke weed daily and love it. im interested in what percentage of people here do drugs
  6. schwartz

    Windows Genuine Validation

    use system restore and restore it to a point that was before that annoying pop up. supposedly its just their to annoy you and microsoft doesnt keep u from running windows, it'll just keep popping up with that message edit: and stop using windows update or the automatic update thing. thats what will getcha
  7. schwartz

    What is your job?

    marijuana distrubutor and xbox modder mostly, some odd jobs here and their working with computers and what not..
  8. schwartz

    [Poll] Are you homosexual?

    as far as {censored} mariage goes, i dont give a rats ass what diff people do. i think it makes a mockery out of marriage but besides that don't care, as long as {censored} can't adopt children. kids should not have to grow up with two men or two women as their parents, not cuz the {censored} are mean nasty people, it just isnt fair for the kid cuz he can't choose who his/her parents are. just my 2 cents