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  1. Clover General discussion

    Hello all I do not know if the good place to ask my question but i assume that cause it is Clover related it will be fine Here is the question i have a sony vaio SVE 1512Z1EB when i boot usb key "chameleon" in legacy mode ML 10.8.2 show me all the usb device include mass storage USB 1/2/3 spec on my desktop and sysinfo when i boot usb key "Clover" in UEFI mode ML 10.8.2 show me all the usb device and mass storage USB 3 spec on my desktop and sysinfo same kext in both setup not DSDT (still do not know how to make them) if a developer or an advanced user want to give me a hand it will be nice he or she can ask me what it is needed and i will try to collaborate I really want to try to make work this machine in UEFI mode (several other problem do exist like GPU but for the moment it is the usb who disturbe me a lot) Thanks by advance
  2. Hi all i notice the following depending on which usb port the key is you have the "Still Waiting For Root Device" msg See you
  3. I am now able to boot with clover in uefi mode Still big problem with the screen (video card in sysinfo give correct dev id but only 4MB ram and 7670 insteed of 7650M) will keep up to date
  4. I am perfectly able to boot with chameleon and i can if i want make a bootable hackintosh on the sony vaio in legacy mode my goal is to achieve a bootable hackintosh in UEFI mode with Clover Thank you for your help i will continue my learning journey with clover
  5. Long time reader First time contributor I would like to share my expericence about the sony vaio SVE1512Z1EB and mountain lion 10.8.2 1 I create my WIN 8 dvd really important indeed it cost a lost to make a recovery in my country. 2 boot my machine with the "assit" button it allow a welcome screen giving you access to the bios 3 Set the bios to legacy in the boot menu + enable external device boot 4 use Gparted to remove all the partitions 5 create bootable usb key by following this guide https://www.youtube....h?v=1sGICm2tXkU 6 edit the org.chamelon.boot.plist on GraphicsEnabler change Yes to NO 7 edit smbios.plist to macbook pro 9.2 8 add PXHCD.kext for the usb 3 in the E/E folder 9 add RTGNIC v 2.0.6 for 10.7 from realtek ftp for the rtl 8111/8168b network card in the usb key when your mountain lion is up my E/E folder do have the following AHCI_3rdParty_SATA.kext FakeSMC.kext NullCPUPowerManagement.kext PXHCD.kext Boot with the -v option and then install it Now here is where i am bluethooth work lan work camera work need external mouse and keyboard but work Video card block on 1024x768 strangely the win id of the card is on the ATI6000.kext of mountaint lion (Dev 841) About this mac crash but i understand it is due to DSDT I was going to try to create a DSDT (never did it before) until i found Clover and read that you do not need DSDT anymore sadly the downsize is that you need to be on UEFi wich is nice like this i can have win 8 and mountain lion. So i found the article of Kogen Mantis Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI only Create a usb key and copy is lenovo pack inside by comparing the key and his folder I was not only able to boot in UEFI but have my mountain lion seen in the main menu and able to boot to a certain extend i am block after 5 displayed screens. Now here is my question if someone can help A is it real that we no longer need DSDT when we are booting in UEFI ? Thanks by advance for anyone who will help