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  1. @fagneroliveira Thx for fast respond and this test. I save a lot of time. Sad, i have hope that new build resolve this nvidia problem. ; / Good luck for you all.
  2. Any test for Nvidia GPU ? on 10.13.4 . I mean... still gpu performance is 50% less that normal?
  3. We miss you! and yours kernel !





  4. It's working when I click Continue but... performance. Freezes, resizing window .... terrible.
  5. Can't install Nvidia Property Web Driver. That Warning ALL the time. I try to change SIP from 0x67 to 0x0 but I got error and kernel won't load on start.
  6. GTX 960 OC , but i even don't use NVIDIA Web . After install try to get second part (configuration , user etc). Hang on -v mode. Last try..
  7. ok i made it... but have one problem on last step.. i install system copy all need files then boot now from my ssd and when kernel is loaded i see only message about IOGraphics x2 times and nothing... normally after that message i got login screen etc. but in this situation all just hang on -v mode... I put kext to clover but not all what i need . so my question is can i mount efi form my high sierra usb installer on windows? to put extra kexts? without that i can't get in system. I put bootflag like nv_disable GraphicsEnabler=No but still not working. On installing i everything working perfect. I put only for graphics Lilu and NvidiaGraphicsFixUp. Nothing more. So what i need to enable my gaphics . And it's another problem how to put that new kext to clover in usb? i must mount that efi partition but how? on windows / mac terminal (installer part). That's will be best answer for me how to mount USB EFI. On windows i try assign letter=X but ... won't work on removable device. on transmac i don't see EFI partition. Last chance i got on mac terminal but i don't know command to do that. Edit: Ok i resolve that problem with mount efi etc... put more kext to clover but... still nothing installing system without problem then when i try boot form my ssd sierra still hang on IOConsoleUser :gIOscreenLockState.... this is last part to get GUI / nvidia working ... i even don't finish User Configuration Part ; / IDK i was thinking maybe it's kext problem but after put more kexts still nothing.. Any suggestions? I don't know why my graphic won't start on Installed HDD. On usb and another installation process working perfect.
  8. Still that problem... idk. I have all the time problem with that USB. On current version 10.12.6 - 4 I must put usb to any port and get out and finely put that usb to any port (but can't put to the same port ) then... my usb load ;d Or just put usb on booting system.. then I don't need to that trick . Anyway I still have that loop messages. I put correct kext and set InjectKext in Clover. Anyway in bios I can't set XHCI to Enable(Don't have that Option). But I set it on BootFlag. I Have msi-970a-g43. Give up. F!#$ this. It's impossible. Or just @Shaneee that USBFIX won't work anymore for all. I tried all methods, configs. Still USB don't give me access to first part of installation . Back to Linux.
  9. I have Enable all of this. I try install with that method : I'm stuck on 6 part. AppleUSBAHCI Loop. EDIT: AppleUSBHost:HardwareExpectionThreadCallGated (idk maybe 6 - 8 lines in 1 s) and another is AppleUSBEHCI something with recovery... 2 lines. And thats messages going all the time.
  10. I got spam of AppleAHCI..Control. (Try Boot to Installer). Try Clover / Enoch the same problem. Don't use any of kext but try with... try different boot flag still nothing.
  11. sajmonella9

    [FIX] macOS Sierra DP1 BCM94532Z WiFi

    If someone need complete config for y50-70 within working wifi on 10.12.1 priv. Card ID bcm9432z
  12. sajmonella9

    [FIX] macOS Sierra DP1 BCM94532Z WiFi

    I have to problem, i add keys in Clover Configuration , in 3 postion BCM , reload cache and prelikedkernel.. nothing change. What i do wrong? i have the same wifi card like on subject. And after update from 10.12 to 10.12.1 stopped working, before i use method from Lenovo y50-70 Guide (Rehhab...) And working great. but after update OS, stopped working i see this method here working on someone people but how? i do the same. Put new HEX key (find / replace) but nothing happen . Help it's important for me.
  13. Pls give Kernel Loading log. Spakk or Shaneee , yes your's system (correct working).