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  1. Farewell Revogirl.

    Farewell Revogirl
  2. Will you still buy the real deal?

    I used every MS OS since 3.11 for workgroups, SuSE and Ubuntu. In 2006 I bought a Macbook 13'' and I fell in love with OSX. Yet I cannot afford a Mac Pro to take place of my workstation PC, so I decided to have a go with OSx86 and since then I never used Vista anylonger. If you buy PC components keeping in mind OSX compatibility, the pain with kext hacking isn't really scary. Nontheless, if I could afford, for sure I'd buy the real one.
  3. Mac OS X 10.5.4 Released

    I just updated my macbook using Software Update and the kernel is 9.4.0
  4. Mac OS X 10.5.4 Released

    http://www.apple.com/support/downloads/mac...omboupdate.html I think the best way is to download the Combo update and to use the 5.2/5.3 Netkas guide: http://netkas.org/?p=50
  5. Leopard on P5E-WS Pro

    Yes, it is (at least in my case). Question: has anyone sorted out how to enable the front HD Audio Panel, and if it's possible. It would be comfortable to use front out and mic ports for my headset.
  6. AppleHDA Patcher Results

    Computer Type: PC (ASUS P5E-WS Pro) Sound Card Vendor: Realtek Sound Card Model: ALC888 Vendor Id: HDAudio::D27:F0 Irq: 22 Vid: 8086 Pid: 293e Cad Address: 0 Vid/Pid : 0x10ec0888 Subsystem : 0x10438260 Revision : 0x00100001 Working: 2 channel output, Microphone on the back (No Front Panel Audio, BIOS Set to HD Front Panel Audio) Not Working: Front Panel, 5.1 back ports, SPDIF not tried Patcher Version used: 1.2.0 System Version: Leopard 10.5.2 ioreg_ALC888_ICH9R.txt
  7. Hi Taruga. HDAudio v6, ALC888 on ICH9R (Asus P5E-WS Pro), HD Panel BIOS Set: HDAudio HDAudio[0x6692e00]::CodecDetection-started(0x6283a00) by Taruga HDAudio::D27:F0 Irq: 22 Vid: 8086 Pid: 293e Cad Address: 0 Vid/Pid : 0x10ec0888 Subsystem : 0x10438260 Revision : 0x00100001 First nid : 2 of 37 Nid 0x02 0x00000011 DAC Nid 0x03 0x00000011 DAC Nid 0x04 0x00000011 DAC Nid 0x05 0x00000011 DAC Nid 0x06 0x00000211 DAC Digital Nid 0x08 0x0010011b ADC Nid 0x09 0x0010011b ADC Nid 0x0a 0x00100391 ADC Digital Nid 0x0b 0x0020010b Mixer Nid 0x0c 0x0020010f Mixer Nid 0x0d 0x0020010f Mixer Nid 0x0e 0x0020010f Mixer Nid 0x0f 0x0020010f Mixer Nid 0x14 A:0x01 S:0x00 0x01014410 Pin Complex Nid 0x15 A:0x01 S:0x02 0x01011412 Pin Complex Nid 0x16 A:0x01 S:0x01 0x01016411 Pin Complex Nid 0x17 A:0x01 S:0x04 0x01012414 Pin Complex Nid 0x18 A:0x04 S:0x00 0x01a19c40 Pin Complex Nid 0x19 A:0x05 S:0x00 0x02a19c50 Pin Complex Nid 0x1a A:0x04 S:0x0f 0x0181344f Pin Complex Nid 0x1b A:0x02 S:0x00 0x02214c20 Pin Complex Nid 0x1c A:0x0f S:0x00 0x593301f0 Pin Complex Nid 0x1d A:0x00 S:0x01 0x4005e601 Pin Complex Nid 0x1e A:0x03 S:0x00 0x01441130 Pin Complex Nid 0x1f A:0x0f S:0x00 0x411111f0 Pin Complex Nid 0x22 0x0020010b Mixer Nid 0x23 0x0020010b Mixer Nid 0x25 0x00000011 DAC Nid 0x26 0x0020010f Mixer It hangs at Nid 0x26, I waited long time then did ^C. If there's anything else I can try, let me know. Thanks for your time
  8. Leopard on P5E-WS Pro

    Here you are: Platform: Mac OS X x86 (32-bit) Compiler: GCC 4.0.1 (Apple Inc. build 5465) Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5.2 (Build 9C31) Model: P5E WS Pro Motherboard: P5E WS Pro Processor: Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz Processor ID: GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11 Logical Processors: 4 Physical Processors: 1 Processor Frequency: 2.40 GHz L1 Instruction Cache: 32.0 KB L1 Data Cache: 32.0 KB L2 Cache: 4.00 MB L3 Cache: 0.00 B Bus Frequency: 1.06 GHz Memory: 4.00 GB Memory Type: 800 MHz DDR SDRAM SIMD: 1 Integer (Score: 4194) Blowfish single-threaded scalar -- 1996, 1.0, 87.7 MB/sec Blowfish multi-threaded scalar -- 8006, 3.7, 328.1 MB/sec Text Compress single-threaded scalar -- 1899, 1.0, 6.08 MB/sec Text Compress multi-threaded scalar -- 6615, 3.6, 21.7 MB/sec Text Decompress single-threaded scalar -- 1669, 1.0, 6.86 MB/sec Text Decompress multi-threaded scalar -- 6358, 3.7, 25.3 MB/sec Image Compress single-threaded scalar -- 1724, 1.0, 14.2 Mpixels/sec Image Compress multi-threaded scalar -- 6628, 3.9, 55.8 Mpixels/sec Image Decompress single-threaded scalar -- 1427, 1.0, 24.0 Mpixels/sec Image Decompress multi-threaded scalar -- 5337, 3.6, 87.1 Mpixels/sec Crafty Chess single-threaded scalar -- 2052, 1.0, 1.04 Mnodes/sec Crafty Chess multi-threaded scalar -- 5082, 2.4, 2.47 Mnodes/sec Lua single-threaded scalar -- 2673, 1.0, 1.03 Mnodes/sec Lua multi-threaded scalar -- 7262, 2.7, 2.79 Mnodes/sec Floating Point (Score: 6846) Mandelbrot single-threaded scalar -- 1798, 1.0, 1.20 Gflops Mandelbrot multi-threaded scalar -- 6831, 3.7, 4.47 Gflops Dot Product single-threaded scalar -- 2863, 1.0, 1.38 Gflops Dot Product multi-threaded scalar -- 9073, 3.0, 4.13 Gflops Dot Product single-threaded vector -- 1964, 1.7, 2.35 Gflops Dot Product multi-threaded vector -- 6062, 4.6, 6.30 Gflops LU Decomposition single-threaded scalar -- 695, 1.0, 618.9 Mflops LU Decomposition multi-threaded scalar -- 2827, 4.0, 2.48 Gflops Primality Test single-threaded scalar -- 3414, 1.0, 509.9 Mflops Primality Test multi-threaded scalar -- 9984, 3.6, 1.85 Gflops Sharpen Image single-threaded scalar -- 4890, 1.0, 11.4 Mpixels/sec Sharpen Image multi-threaded scalar -- 17319, 3.5, 39.9 Mpixels/sec Blur Image single-threaded scalar -- 6265, 1.0, 4.96 Mpixels/sec Blur Image multi-threaded scalar -- 21862, 3.5, 17.2 Mpixels/sec Memory (Score: 2681) Read Sequential single-threaded scalar -- 3592, 1.0, 4.40 GB/sec Write Sequential single-threaded scalar -- 3345, 1.0, 2.29 GB/sec Stdlib Allocate single-threaded scalar -- 1964, 1.0, 7.33 Mallocs/sec Stdlib Write single-threaded scalar -- 2157, 1.0, 4.47 GB/sec Stdlib Copy single-threaded scalar -- 2350, 1.0, 2.42 GB/sec Stream (Score: 2269) Stream Copy single-threaded scalar -- 2330, 1.0, 3.19 GB/sec Stream Copy single-threaded vector -- 2465, 1.0, 3.20 GB/sec Stream Scale single-threaded scalar -- 2468, 1.0, 3.20 GB/sec Stream Scale single-threaded vector -- 2432, 1.0, 3.28 GB/sec Stream Add single-threaded scalar -- 1840, 1.0, 2.78 GB/sec Stream Add single-threaded vector -- 2642, 1.3, 3.68 GB/sec Stream Triad single-threaded scalar -- 1993, 1.0, 2.75 GB/sec Stream Triad single-threaded vector -- 1982, 1.3, 3.71 GB/sec hit F8 at installation CD bootup and at the prompt type vanilla. That triggers the vanilla Kernel installation. GUID is the Partition Table used instead of MBR. you can choose it in Disk Utility when partitioning. Remember to choose correct EFI (MBR or GUID) in the installation menu
  9. Leopard on P5E-WS Pro

    Has Anyone successfully updated to 1.5.2? Did you follow the Netkas guide? I'm so willing to patch but a bit worried Thanks EDIT: Ok I decided to have a go myself. Everithing went smooth and flawless reading and following Devin's Guide: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=618748 Backup your Extensions folder using Terminal: sudo cp -R /System/Library/Extensions /System/Library/Extensions_backup Then read the guide to update. Kalyway Distro uses DSMOS.kext. I didn't copy back anything fron the backup but AppleSMBIOS.kext to correct System Profiler. I had to hard reset just once after the restart. Then everything was ok. Here is what I did after the patch installation: 1) installed HDA_ICH9_ALC888 using Kext Helper b7 2) downloaded NVinstallerv.32.pkg 3) opened NVinstaller with Pacifist and installed only NVinject.kext I have a 8800GT 512MB so I selected "Contents of 512.pkg/System/Library/Extensions/NVinject.kext" and "install to Default Location" This is because the pkg is made using 9C30 beta files, and we just installed the final release, so we need just this kext. The 512 MB version contains an error, so you'd like to edit the info.plist file to correct the exact amount of DRAM: http://scottdangel.com/blog/?p=19#comment-3334 To do this: - open terminal and write: sudo nano /System/Library/Extensions/NVinject.kext/Contents/Info.plist - scroll down till you find: <key>VRAM,totalsize</key> - edit the following line to result: <key>VRAM,totalsize</key> <data> AAAAIA== </data> Done, now I used Disk Utility to repair disk permission, reloaded and everything was ok.
  10. I partitioned and formatted them through Disk utility during installation, HFS+ Journaled of course. I have two partitions in the main HD, one for the OS and the apps (50Gb should be enough), and one for my docs, music videos and so on. This way you can format and reistall the OS every time you feel it's necessary without loosing anything. Leave the Time machine disc with one partition.
  11. Hi, first of all, be sure your Bios config is ok: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=545523 I use SATA configured as AHCI but it works also as eIDE. In my Mobo there are two sata ports of different color (different controller), if you have them don't use them. Then, I have a P5E-WS Pro, very similar to your Mobo, and had no problem at all. type vanilla at startup, in the Custom Install I selected just Vanilla kernel and GUID EFI. You'll install the audio device after installation. I have an invidia so cannot help for ATI video card, but I'm quite sure you can wait for that as well.
  12. shutdown/sleep/restart issues

    Hi all, My conf is: MB Asus P5E WS CPU Intel Q6600 4 GB Ram 800MHz Geforce 8800GT 512MB 500GB HD on a SATA Controller Kalyway 10.5.1 Vanilla kernel I had restart and shut down working as intended, now I cannot shut down any longer. It just close everything and stays at the grey desktop background. Only change I made I'm pretty sure is CS3 Suite installation. Any solution? Thanks Antonio
  13. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Hi Everybody, First of all, thanks for your efforts helping us. It's greatly appreciated. I have a Asus P5E WS Mainboard, with Kalyway 10.5.1 OS. Mainboard has ALC888 sound chipset with ICH9R Southbridge. I've installed AppleHDAPatcher 1.20 with a ALC888 dumb, sound works only on 2 channels, microphone and digital output. I'd like to know if someone has the front panel headset and microphone plugs working. I've set ports as HD Audio but I could set them as Legacy AC'97 by Bios. Thanks a lot Antonio