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  1. Asus t300 chi

  2. Asus t300 chi

    Hi i have a Asus t3oo chi the keyboard and mouse is used by bluetooth keyboard was wondering if there is any way i can get it to work everything is fine but the keyboard and mouse thanks if any one can help that would be great.
  3. I was wondering if you can please help me I have a Asus T300 CHI which is a two in one i want to install either yosemite or el capitan. Was wondering if you have any way to install it on this model.Also not that it has bluetooth keyboard so would need that i could upload a report file from aida64 hope this helps i thank you for you help and and really appreciate and help on this.
  4. Asus Transformer T300 Chi

    HI did you have any luck on getting this to install on Asus T300CHi?
  5. Apple Screen and mouse movement

    I manage to install mavericks on my asus x401a but when i try to boot into it its trying to boot but i get the mouse movement and the apple still there any suggestion on this? the only way to boot is by -v -f -x Basically no desktop just the apple screen still and i can move my mouse very werid
  6. Help Installing Mountain Lion On Asus x401a

    ok finally got the boot error fixed now i installed only following kexts fakesmc,cpumangament,ps2, when start it up i get this error {Pci confifuration end, bridges 4 devices 12} it just freezed there any helpon this
  7. Help Installing Mountain Lion On Asus x401a

    ok good news i had a lenovo v570 lying around it had a bios problem on it i could not acess the bios because of the password so i took out hte I5 cpu there and put it into the asus laptop now i have hd3000 graphics now and working great so im trying to install 10.8.3 on it now to see what happens it works i guess i got lucky but im still tesing osx on it ill keep u posted on this ok i tried to install mac on it it was succesfull i boot now into it by pressing -x or -v -f i installed chimera and nothing when i restart i get a boot erro not bootloader showing up whats so ever imma try the boot0 error fix to see if that works hopefully i can get soemting on this to work soon.
  8. Help Installing Mountain Lion On Asus x401a

    Hey it say HM70 express chip set lpc controller 1e5e
  9. Help Installing Mountain Lion On Asus x401a

    how can i check to see if compatable thanks
  10. Help Installing Mountain Lion On Asus x401a

    hey do u think if i change the cpu i wont have any problem and will it make the grpahics work? i can get a cpu on ebay if im lucky or do i ahve to change the motherboard as well?
  11. Help Installing Mountain Lion On Asus x401a

    right nowi have no bootloader installed i did however make a Plist file in extra but i still have to boot now in -v -f any way around that?
  12. Help Installing Mountain Lion On Asus x401a

    hey it is for the Synaptics touchpad pad for im dualbooting so that is fine i do have windows installed on it the clover is confusing for me or maybe im just doing it wrong also wanted to mention that the hardrive im using the only way for he bios to see the hardrive is to have it formted in MBR format not GPT that is why bootloaders do not reconize the harddrive.
  13. Help Installing Mountain Lion On Asus x401a

    Ok few more to help in this I don't get mouse support I only have keyboard when i delete the kexts u said I should be able to boot without using -x right? Also what about the boot loader on that chameleon does not work I read that clover should be ok but i do not no how to get that to work or install on the partition very hard for me I'm also thinking of dual booting this laptop with Linux and windows
  14. Help Installing Mountain Lion On Asus x401a

    no i am on the it now for sure and the gray hairs haveed fomred man lol but you are complety right