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  1. It seems that alot of ppl forgot Maxxuss, even Sabr. Win2OSX
  2. abcslayer

    Good Bye People!

    So sad about the situation now. I remember when there was complain about osx86proj and some comparison with win2osx (I was mostly on win2osx until it was closed), I just wonder why people could not be cooperative, and recently I still keep good thinking about osx86proj (I thought Mash just want to keep osx86proj alive and I also think osx86proj would become a really good place where something was dev in the underground world come to life ) With the appearance of the master pieces from Semthex and Mifky/Vitaly, I also feels happy when I thinks that osx86proj website also jump in to a whole new brighter phase like the big project. But now, almost of those come to the trash! Disappointed.
  3. abcslayer

    share same PST between XP and Mac

    As far as I know there are mailbox converter. Not something that help you use the same data file with two different programs (in different OSes). Maybe you make script to export data at shutdown and import in startup?
  4. abcslayer

    How do I know if both cores are working?

    That mean both of your CPU's core have been enabled. (1st Core has ID = 0, second core: ID = 1, so on ...)
  5. abcslayer

    Most addictive Mac games

    I wish Battle Realm would come natively to Mac world one day.
  6. Have you care about 3D HW accelerated GUI? Is that the real copy thing? I must said the 3D Fx in Vista is useless in everyday using. It's just for demo party. If M$ do not open up API for 3rd party apps (sorry programs) to make more usable way for ppl (such as something like Exposé with HW accelerated) then it still crappy.
  7. abcslayer

    Vista's legal fine print raises red flags

    To broadband and his fellows: don't simply think others are blind with those marketing oriented words like: he/she just needs a platform to run he/she favor apps and even Linux is OpenSource how many people could understand all of it respects from top to bottom. 1. You just need a platform to run your favor apps. That's right, that OK. But when some people even do not know/understand exactly what they need, they just jump in the first car that they saw. That's right again. But who gave car manufacturer the right to lock the door to keep people using their car? even there are better cars in someways (like if you need to run the fastest and don't care about the comfort, or you need the least resource consumed ones). Other people blame the manufacturer because their bad monopoly behavior. Just look back to the Internet browser war. You install your radio on your car, trying to make radio stations on all over the world to only compatible with your radio receiver. Then your compititor simply died. How do you do that? gave radio station your $, your support, you open up you car in someway for them only, make some non-standard designs. And now when your car became not safe for customer anymore due to those non-standard design, you just close them (then you announce to the whole world you do that for customer, and you are the best when decied to do that ;-)) ), leave the radio stations crying out there to self-reconstuct their station back compatible with the safety standard. 2. Linux at least give people the right to know about their system whenever they need. And people did not charge you for the right to know.
  8. abcslayer

    Take One, Leave One

    Ferrari ------------------------------- Macintosh or Hackint0sh?
  9. abcslayer

    VMWare Tools On MacOSx x86

    VMWare is a virtual machine software for x86-compatible PC. It could run on windows, linux, and Mac OS X (the Intel version) You could use it to install windows or do almost what ever you could like a real PC.
  10. abcslayer

    isn't this illegal?

    It looks like JaS/Myzar/Tubgirl/etc iso burned + LightScribed disc.
  11. THe same problem like me (after update latest 09 01 patch for Office 2004), and now my system won't login due to login window crash, ;-)
  12. abcslayer

    -Archive- Macefix86 2006 -Archive-

    CHeck the "BIOS" size first. The EFI capable board has at least 8Mb Flash ROM (1Megabytes).
  13. abcslayer

    Overclocking question on Osx86...

    That info may come from the DMI table which report the maximum frequency the PLL could gen.
  14. abcslayer

    x86 version of 10.2

    A lot of things, but nobody point out the needed binary. Hope we could get it soon. That is the real origin for all others things.
  15. Here is the comprehensive explain for what you have to do and why you have to do so (in my limited knowledge): 1. Make a standard format x86 HDD, it means that you make a HDD with MBR on sector 0. 2. Make a HFS/HFS+ as a primative partition in that HDD, it means that in MBR's partition table there is an entry with the parameters of the HFS/HFS+ partition. 3. Set that HFS/HFS+ become active partition (in case you need to boot by Darwin bootloader, that is installed in that partion when you install OS X.). Most of advanced boot managers like System Commander or Acronis will recognize new bootable partion when you boot up (some time you have to manually add new entry, in case your new boot partition stay on other HDD than the HDD you installed Acronis/System Commander. Here is the boot procedure: I. Standard PC: Power on -> POST -> find default boot device -> find boot sector 0 -> jump to the boot sector of active partion (incase default boot device is HDD, or something that have the same logic structure) -> OS boot loader. II. PC with some kind of advanced boot managers installed: Power on -> POST -> find default boot device -> find boot sector 0 -> execute the boot manager loader binary -> boot manager start -> boot partion is selected (by user or auto select by boot manager if time out is set) -> boot manager load the selected partion boot loader/boot sector. That is the procedure for all x86 PC as far as I know. You could use different tools, different methods to achieved the same result. (I hope it could explain why you have to format your HDD in Windows/Linux then reformat it with OS X as Ramjet said -> Windows/Linux make the MBR and partition table then OS X make/format the HFS/HFS+ partion, which like what I described in 1., 2. above) Once you understand it, you could choose the most effective method/tools which suited with you!