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  1. Current OS X Version: 10.5.1 Install method: ToH 10.5.1 + Software Update Laptop Prebuilt Manufacturer: IBM/Lenovo Model: Thinkpad x60 Motherboard Manufacturer: IBM Model:17065KG Version: Dunno Bios Version: Haven't checked. Chipset: 945GM Audio: yes, with intel hda patch LAN: yes, no patches Required patches etc? CPU Model Number: Core Duo Recognised as: 1.83 GHz, 1 core, activity monitor however shows both cores, and apparently it uses both Memory/DDR: 1.5 Gb, ddr2 Video Manufacturer: Intel Model: GMA 950 Bus Type: Built In Memory size: 8mb (reported by bootloader) Dual screen: yes QE/CI working: yes Resolution changeable: yes Required patches or bios flashing: no SATA/IDE working: yes, full sata function Wifi doesn't work, as there is still no driver for the Intel A/B/G chipset. misc hardware: It boots off a buffalo usb hdd, using efi with native kernel. Modem isn't detected, but who uses one anyway. No clue if there is a driver for it. Battery charge status is displayed just fine, and FireWire also works natively. PCMCIA support i have not installed, as i didn't need it.
  2. Hi, i run 10.4.5 on a +3800 X2, with an x550 (yay, natively QE/CI, without any modification) and 2gb of ram. I am under the impression that osx86 should be pretty snappy with faster processors, and more ram, but alas, so is not the case. It keeps giving me some kind of timing errors because of the dualcore cpu, and i'm wondering, is there any way to 'turn off' one of the cores at bootup? I'd really like to use osx more. :censored2: And another thing, This VESA2 {censored} annoys me :/ I can't change my refresh rate, so as now i'm stuck with 60 hz on a crt, which is very disturbing. Anyone got any clues?
  3. Holy sex batman! You got 10.4.4 installed on a X2? What X2 is it? Mine's a +3800, reckon there's a CPUID thingy error again? Wanna give me some steps with which you installed it? What did you use to install it then?
  4. So with the chud tools, my system will run properly? Yay! Anyway, I keep getting kernel panics always when booting natively, any ideas why? I've tried searching the forums, but i didn't find anything I somewhere saw a topic telling me that it's only the x2's that have this issue, correct?
  5. .............

    You're missing the X2.
  6. The most reliable os ever

    No, but the thing was that it worked with BROKEN memory! I haven't seen anything else working with this. (Well, except a custom linux kernel with a badram patch)
  7. So, i installed 10.4.1, and it worked flawlessly (well, apart from no sound, and only VESA2 support), where no os did. It somehow circumvented my broken memory, and worked excellently, even though i must have had lots of errors on the way. Windows, Linux, different flavours of both (including 64-bit ones), didn't work. OSx86 was the only one to ever complete the installation with no issues, and no problems whatsoever. It ran fine too. Anyone know why it did this?