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  1. 10.6.4 Video!

    Will a PNY GeForce 210 512MB PCIe card work with 10.6.4? I've been trying to find setup instructions, everything else is supurb. Thanks!
  2. Looking for a cheep low profile PCIe card that will work natively or with little work in 10.6.4 or .x. I currently have a PCIe ATI 4350HD and built in Intel x4500HD that work for {censored}. Please help! System is great other than that thanks to all of you here! DVI would be the best! Thanks much! Craig
  3. It works!

    Man same thing happened to me. It went from 45-60 to 80-100. Same res and everything.
  4. It works!

    Just wanted to give you all a thumbs up! Thanks to the help of everyone on this site, my Hackintosh is working flawlessly. Installed with JaS 10.4.8 ISO, with PPF1 & PPF2. Asus P4P800 Deluxe Pentium 4 HT 3.06GHz running @ 3.4GHz<--SSE2, seen as two cores to OSX 2GB DDR-3200 ATI x1300 Pro 256MB AGP 8x <--QE/CI/GL enabled. Using drivers on JaS ISO. @ 1920x1200 on Dell 2407WFP via DVI Onboard AC97 audio <--worked out of the box 3com 3C940 Gigabit LOM <--works with a simple patched kext SATA and PATA drives all work! Antec TruePower 2.0 500w Thermaltake BACH MediaLab case I just wanted to say thank you! I owe you all a beer. Now, if I had not just wasted $399 on Vista Ultimate a few weeks ago Plays World of Warcraft: TBC at 43fps @ 1920x1200. No jaggies or screen tearing. Thanks guys / gals! -craigy
  5. Freeze on install 10.4.6

    Well, I can get it to work that way, but then the second display (my laptops LCD) shows up as "No Display Connected". I can only install and boot if I have my laptop set to CRT only. I never had this problem with 10.4.1
  6. Freeze on install 10.4.6

    I am using JaS 10.4.6 patched DVD. Its freezing at the blue screen upon starting the install. Is this because I have a Intel 915GM Graphics Accel.? Its a Dell 110L Laptop with an 1.6GHz Pentium M. Thanks!