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  1. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    rezzakilla: did you check its owner and permissions? it must be root:wheel and 755. Maxster: you mean you can't boot anymore, even with an external monitor plugged in?
  2. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    your link does not work... [edit] maybe you speak about this blog: http://goodtimepcmac.blogspot.com/2006/04/...working-on.html if so, maybe it's not intended to laptop users, as this thread actually is... anyway it didn't work for me: i lost QE/CI and did not get consistent display. I roll back to get QE/CI again.
  3. Adium instead of MSN on x68 Macs

    i do like Adium, but sometimes it's boring because filetransfert doesn't work so well, and you can't have audio/video chat with iChat users. BUT you even can use MSN in iChat! you need to configure a jabber account with MSN transport using a fully-capable jabber client like PSI, then you add this jabber account to iChat in the preferences. it's cool!
  4. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    i'll try with the MacBook's GMA950 drivers as soon as my friend will have received his MacBook...
  5. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    VESA has approximately no interest... everyone can do VESA. And some things don't work without QE/CI, like VLC Media Player... that's why we're all trying to get consistent display WITH QE/CI enabled in this topic... come on, go on testing, we'll do it! maybe deleting ONLY the AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer would work? gonna try that at home.
  6. [FR] premier boot

    si tu le dis alors effectivement! perso je parlais perf, pas stabilité. de toute façon niveau perf, à partir d'1GHz, 768Mo de RAM et une carte vidéo compatible Quartz Extreme, tourne super bien.
  7. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    Do you have Quartz Extreme and Core Image enabled with this solution???
  8. 10.4.3 has a big drawback: Rosetta runs all the time because of a PPC-only system service which has been compiled for Intel in later releases. That means: slower perf, and more RAM needed. And those (like me) with Atheros Wifi need 10.4.5 to get Airport. I'm happy with 10.4.6 since it's far faster and wifi enabled, especially with my 512MB RAM, although I have display and sleep issues that i didn't have with 10.4.3.
  9. [FR] premier boot

    ce qu'il faut pas lire sur un Celeron M 1.5GHz, 512Mo de RAM et un disque dur à 5400tr/min, ça trace! alors avec un PIV 2.8GHz...
  10. NeoOffice Intel

    everytime you ask that, god kills a kitten with a sharp credit card
  11. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    no way, still need the external display :-( i managed to boot without dongle once, but it never happened again. sometime i regret 10.4.3... i did'nt have wifi and it was slow because of rosetta running all the time, but display worked without dongle... anyway i kept 10.4.3 on another HDD, so i can roll back whenever i want. i'm currently comparing every extension in my 10.4.3 install with the 10.4.6 ones. maybe i made a magic change in one of the files, who knows... [edit] no way: the Info.plist files are all the same and it still does not work. I even tried the solution on page 1, no effect at all. I still have perfect display, QE/CI with external display attached. After bootup, I can unplug the display and redetect monitors, OSX will correctly detect, but sometimes it can't come back from sleep.
  12. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    Don't know how, i've just got back QE&CI on my Toshiba GMA900 laptop WITH EXTERNAL DISPLAY... only thing i've done today is installing the hacked GMA package for 10.4.6... still need to see wether it works without display/dongle or not.
  13. [fr] Osx en anglais après installation

    Menu Pomme > Préférences Systeme > International -> glisser FRANCAIS en 1ere position dans la liste des langues.
  14. MMh... didn't find a way to subscribe from France... it seems to be only for austria, germany and switzerland, am i wrong??
  15. [HowTo] Intel GMA 900 (for 915GM and 910)

    uh? i don't understand this last reply... i think the release of 950-based laptop could help us. now we need to get those drivers to try... i personnaly think i'll wait september to buy my MacBook. my 15" powerbook is enough for now and i'll go on testing compatibility with my girlfriend's GMA900-based laptop.