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  1. stepfreak

    AppleHDA Patcher Results

    A few days ago, I know it working fully support DD, DTS. Sorry and thanks...
  2. Hi, Taruga. Here is my result about your test component v5 and v6. (I'm using ALC889A codec. Gigabyte P35-DS3R) it is result v5.. HDAudio[0xaeea000]::CodecDetection-started(0xabd2000) by Taruga HDAudio::D27:F0 Irq: 22 Vid: 8086 Pid: 293e codec_mask = 0x00000000 HDAudio::Cad Address: 0 HDAudio::Vid/Pid : 0x00000000 HDAudio::Subsystem : 0x00000000 HDAudio::Revision : 0x00000000 STATESTS : 0x00000000 FGroups: : 0x00000000 Widgets: : 0x00000000 FGroupType : 0x00000000 First nid : 0 of 0 HDAudio[0xaeea000]::CodecDetection-ended(0x7916fc28) and v6.. detect successfully.. HDAudio[0xaeea000]::CodecDetection-started(0xabd2000) by Taruga HDAudio::D27:F0 Irq: 22 Vid: 8086 Pid: 293e Cad Address: 2 Vid/Pid : 0x10ec0885 Subsystem : 0x1458a002 Revision : 0x00100101 First nid : 2 of 37 Nid 0x02 0x00000011 DAC Nid 0x03 0x00000011 DAC Nid 0x04 0x00000011 DAC Nid 0x05 0x00000011 DAC Nid 0x06 0x00000211 DAC Digital Nid 0x07 0x0010011b ADC Nid 0x08 0x0010011b ADC Nid 0x09 0x0010011b ADC Nid 0x0a 0x00100391 ADC Digital Nid 0x0b 0x0020010b Mixer Nid 0x0c 0x0020010f Mixer Nid 0x0d 0x0020010f Mixer Nid 0x0e 0x0020010f Mixer Nid 0x0f 0x0020010f Mixer Nid 0x14 A:0x01 S:0x00 0x01014410 Pin Complex Nid 0x15 A:0x01 S:0x02 0x01011412 Pin Complex Nid 0x16 A:0x01 S:0x01 0x01016411 Pin Complex Nid 0x17 A:0x01 S:0x04 0x01012414 Pin Complex Nid 0x18 A:0x04 S:0x00 0x01a19c40 Pin Complex Nid 0x19 A:0x05 S:0x00 0x02a19c50 Pin Complex Nid 0x1a A:0x04 S:0x0f 0x0181344f Pin Complex Nid 0x1b A:0x02 S:0x00 0x02214c20 Pin Complex Nid 0x1c A:0x0f S:0x00 0x593301f0 Pin Complex Nid 0x1d A:0x00 S:0x01 0x4005e601 Pin Complex Nid 0x1e A:0x03 S:0x00 0x014b6130 Pin Complex Nid 0x1f A:0x06 S:0x00 0x01cb7160 Pin Complex Nid 0x22 0x0020010b Mixer Nid 0x23 0x0020010b Mixer Nid 0x24 0x0020010b Mixer Nid 0x25 0x00000011 DAC Nid 0x26 0x0020010f Mixer finally attach my linux codec dump file. Thanks. ALC889A_stepfreak.txt
  3. stepfreak

    AppleHDA Patcher Results

    Computer Type: Gigabyte P35-DS3R (Rev 2.1) Sound Card Vendor: Realtek Sound Card Model: ALC889A (but, reconized ALC885) Vendor Id: 0x10ec0885 Subsystem Id: 0x1458a002 Revision Id: 0x100101 Working: Internal Speakers, Headphones, SPDIF Out(but, only 2channel) Not Working: Line in, Line Out, Mic(I can't test it) Patcher Version used: 1.20 System Version: Leopard 10.5.1 --- Hi, Taruga. I always thanks for your great work. I hope SPDIF out supports DD, DTS I attach my linux codec dump file. ALC889A_stepfreak.txt
  4. Hi, Taruga! I'm using Analog Device 1988B codec. All seeing nodes are exactly same as my linux codec dump. But, some of nodes are missing. (thats... 0b, 0c, 0d, 10, 19, 1f, 21, 23, 2c ~ End) My linux codec attach. AD1988B.txt