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  1. When I try to boot off my USB flash drive after preparing it my system will not boot. It gets to the point where it should start counting memory and just sits there until I power it off. If I disconnect the flash drive the system boots. I took this same USB flash drive and installed Snow Leopard from it just to make sure it was reading the drive correctly and SL worked like a charm. I have tried creating the flash drive three times now and the same thing has happened each time. On the last creation process I plugged the drive in between each step to see where it died and it stops working after installing Chameleon 2.0 RC5 r1083. Does anyone have any ideas?
  2. I've been trying to change my SMBIOS name on a real MacBook Pro and everything I find is for how to do it on a hackintosh. Basically I need to get this thing to report itself as a MacBookPro5,1 and it's really a MacBookPro1,2. I'm guessing I need to find the source code for AppleSMBIOS.kext and start there. Does anyone have any tips they could give me... BTW, this is for 10.6.6.
  3. Hi everyone. I've read through all the posts thus far so I hope I'm not asking questions that have already been asked. First off, here's my setup. I have a GA-EP45-UD3P motherboard, a trendnet NIC in the lower pci slot, 5GB of ram, a nvidia 9400 and a couple of sata hard drives and dvd burners. Everything is working using the install method from the lifehacker article and the halloween release of EP45UD3P Snow Leopard install package except the microphone and my USB webcams. It seems everyone else has their mics working so I'm wondering why I'm having trouble here. I do have the case headphone and mic jack plugged into the motherboard and I have tried plugging the mic into the front panel as well as the back panel and either way, no dice. The USB camera that I'm trying to use worked just fine under leopard on a different hackintosh system, no hacks involved, no macam, it just worked. Now it's showing up in System Profiler but that's about it. I have tried plugging it into lots of different USB ports including the ones on the back of the motherboard, a hub, the front case, you name it. The most I can get out of it is some garbled lines in macam's main app. Does anyone have any ideas on either of these?
  4. iPhone does NOT remote iTunes

    I'm having the same issue....it used to work on a past installation, not any more though now with this new motherboard.
  5. dell e520 stac9227 sound - working

    I have tried these kext's and I'm still not getting any input on either the line in or the mic jack. Do you have any ideas that might help?
  6. ALC272 kext

    Thanks for this. I now have sound output on my Dell Mini 10v, the only thing left now is the microphone. Has anyone had any luck with this?
  7. I'm having no luck with any of the three versions of the stac9227 drivers when trying to get my onboard sound going on the Intel DG965SS motherboard. I do have an EFI string in my com.apple.Boot.plist for my nVidia 9400, but I have tried removing that and still no luck. Using the AppleHDA.kext and HDAenabler.kext I get this at boot: Apr 10 21:03:34 Superior kernel[0]: HDAEnabler: Copyright © 2008 by Kabyl Apr 10 21:03:34 Superior kernel[0]: HDAEnabler: Added SPAudio support LayoutID:4 and the System Profiler shows: ---- Intel High Definition Audio: Device ID: 0x80862114 Audio ID: 4 Available Devices: ---- (there are no devices listed) Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this working? OK, so using AppleHDApatcher v1.16 was the ticket to success. Now I have onboard sound and lan, plus my 9400GT working great...