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  1. I have Windows XP installed, and used chain0 in boot.ini to load OS X for version 10.4.3. After installing using the patched 10.4.5 install DVD, I cannot load OS X anymore. I have to insert the boot DVD, then type "rd=disk0s2" as a kernel parameter to load it up. When I try to set the partition active, my computer tells me "Error booting partition," and setting the XP partition active and booting with chain0 just states "chain booting error". Why do I need to insert the OS X restore disc to start it up?
  2. Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 2200B/2915

    How is the Kismet reverse-engineered Apple80211.h header used to replace the code that tuxx started?
  3. ALPS Glidepad beta driver

    I don't know if this issue is still present, but sometimes after I put my laptop to sleep and wake it up again, tapping with the touchpad is disabled (and consequently dragging). I can reenable it though by going into Trackpad preferences. This has happened twice that I've noticed, I don't know whether it's reproducible because my laptop kernel panics randomly on waking from sleep. edit: Oh, and I'm running 10.4.3 b8f1111g.
  4. What wireless card is it? Odds are that there aren't any drivers for it.
  5. Intel (R) PRO/Wireless 2200B/2915

    I know enough C++ to program in the Objective-C that's used for OS X, but since I don't know much about hardware I'm having trouble putting code together. Here's a list of the projects I'm currently using for sources: - iwi2200 on sourceforge (actually gets OS X to recognize the card) - wirelessdriver on sf (drivers for some pci cards on ppc os x) - maxxuss' network driver (to try and understand how to use iokit) Man, I really wish there was some IOKit tutorials..
  6. The boot manager for Windows Vista seems to replace the MBR, so that trying to boot from the OS X partition results in "HFS+ Partition Error." I used fdisk from within OS X to rewrite the MBR, but now Vista won't boot up because osload.exe comes across some sort of error. After doing some research, it seems that the solution is to install a bootloader such as Lilo or grub. Is there any way I can do that from within OS X for Intel?
  7. Gogole.com ;)

    heh, it also works for googel.com and gooogle.com, i think
  8. Broadcom 440x not working

    It only works from a cold boot for me too. Warm boot from Windows XP kills the Ethernet adapter for some reason.
  9. Tested Applications, Games, etc.

    OS X v10.4.3 b8f1111, Maxxuss Kernel v1.0b and SSE3 emulation Works: iTunes 6.0.2 Universal Binary Adium X 0.9svn Intel Binary Azureus Intel Binary VLC 0.8.4-svn Intel Binary Doesn't work: Microsoft Office 2004 PowerPC (don't have latest SSE3 emu patch)
  10. ALPS Glidepad beta driver

    Would you mind re-editing the first post so there's a listing of which files are for what versions of OS X, and what versions of the kext they are?